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Make your student accommodation a safe haven from stress

This category features everything you need to know about your student accommodation. Whether it’s the easiest way to get around from your area, how to personalise your student room or how to deal with frustrating flatmates, we’ve got it covered.

We believe your university accommodation is your safe haven from all the stress and difficulties student life brings, so we want to help you make the most of your room and your student flat or house. That’s why we provide advice and tips and tricks so you can enjoy student life in the UK’s capital city and make your room and living situation as comfortable as possible.

At The Journal, we’ve been where you are and know all the trial and tribulations of student life, especially when you’re thrown into accommodation with complete strangers. To add to our own advice, we regularly reach out to experts, from interior designers or psychologists, to give further thoughts on how make the most of accommodation for students.

Browse through all our articles to find solutions and advice. The topics covered include how to get around Westminster, how to declutter your student accommodation and how to split the house bills without confrontation. Whether you want advice on anything from how to befriend new flatmates to the best colour schemes for your bedroom, we aim to cater to all of your accommodation needs.

To find more useful content relating to life as a student, check out our other categories. These include Study, Careers & Finance, London Life and News & Events. Or simply click on an article to read our accommodation-related advice.

How To Create A Productive Work Atmosphere

Getting a great qualification in a subject you love and redefining your social life are two of the most valuable things that university offers students today. But in... Read more

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How To Split the House Bills Without Confrontation

So you’ve got to your new student house, divided up the kitchen cupboards as fairly as possible, tried to divide the bedrooms up with minimal fallings out and... Read more

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How to Get Around Urbanest Westminster

Whether you want to experience the hustle and bustle of the tube or have a gentle stroll on the Boris Bikes – you’ll never be stuck for ways... Read more

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Local Amenities Around Urbanest Westminster

Banks/Currency Exchange/ATMs With our fantastic location offering stunning views across London’s most iconic monuments, urbanest Westminster is situated not only in a student hot spot but also a... Read more

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Westminster Official Launch Event

Ever Since opening urbanest Hoxton in 2010, urbanest has been setting the standards of student accommodation in London, and with our newest property, urbanest Westminster Bridge, we continue... Read more

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How To Throw A Student House Party On A Low, Medium & High Budget

Students love to party. There is no denying that. If you’ve been at university for a while now, you’ve probably been lucky enough to receive an invite to some... Read more

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How To Declutter Your Student Accomodation

Many of us have been faced with having to declutter our student accommodation. After the madness of Fresher’s week and the first few lectures and seminars, you’ve settled... Read more

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How To Create The Perfect Christmas Dinner In Student Accommodation

For many students, student accommodation Christmas dinner is a ritual and one of the highlights of the year. It makes sense to pay homage to your newly adopted... Read more

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4 Amazing Winter Recipes To Impress Your Housemates With

Now the weather is getting colder and we are spending a lot more time indoors, you may want to test your skills in the kitchen. At university, cooking... Read more

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Local Amenities around urbanest King’s Cross

This is a guest post by Lisa Herms from Florida, USA, currently a resident at urbanest King’s Cross. She is studying International Health Policy (Health Economics) Masters course... Read more

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