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Cut costs, stretch your student loan and plan for the future.

Welcome to the Careers and Finance category on Urbanest’s Journal. Here you’ll find all the very best advice on what to do after university and how to fund your way through your education.

With our career advice, we want students to have as much information as possible as to what they can do with the subject they are studying. Not only that, we regularly speak to former students, business professionals and other experts to gain their invaluable knowledge and build a resource that guarantees you will leave more informed.

With our finance advice, we want students to have the best advice available to not only make it through university comfortably, but also be aware of how best to plan for the future. We include expert advice on financial planning, how to budget for food and if how to split household bills. Finance ties to careers and healthy eating, which link through to equally helpful articles covering a range of topics that every student should be familiar with.

Discover all you need to know about how to be a successful student here at The Journal, from advice on the best places in London to experience Christmas to how to set up your desk ahead of a decent study session. Browse our other categories for help with the range of aspects of student life such as Study, Accommodation and News & Events.

5 Ways To Get Ahead With That Graduate Job

You may be thinking about what’s in store when you finally leave University. Graduate jobs are notoriously hard to find, but it’s possible with hard work and the... Read more

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What All Language Students Hate To Hear

Every student has certain things they don’t want to hear, such as questions surrounding their future career and challenges to prove how knowledgeable they are now. These questions... Read more

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How to Start a Business at University

Starting a business while juggling the demands of a degree can seem almost impossible; with a student loan that barely covers the cost of living and almost no free... Read more

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Apps and Software To Help You Manage Your Student Loan

During your time at university you’ll inevitably learn a great many things, and not all of these will concern the degree that you’re there for. For possibly the... Read more

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How to Create an Employable CV

After graduating, the prospect of entering the ‘real world’ can seem daunting. Leaving the student bubble and finding your feet is difficult enough without the constant rejection from... Read more

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A Guide To Jobs In London

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6 Unique Student Start-ups

The idea of juggling your degree with managing a business can seem almost impossible. While we all want to be the next Mark Zuckerberg, it’s difficult to know... Read more

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Entrepreneurs Offer Student Start-Up Advice

University offers students a great opportunity to begin a business. Without the need to think about pensions, rent, a mortgage and other so-called ‘real world’ worries, most students... Read more

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How To Split the House Bills Without Confrontation

So you’ve got to your new student house, divided up the kitchen cupboards as fairly as possible, tried to divide the bedrooms up with minimal fallings out and... Read more

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10 Cash Hacks To Make Your Money Go Further

After coughing up for rent and a couple of text books, your cash flow may be on the skimpy side. Don’t panic, writes Save the Student, you’ve got... Read more

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