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Find out whats coming up in your area and the rest of London.

This page focuses on the News and Events happening in your immediate area and the rest of London. We believe that getting to know your local area and keeping up to date with the most recent goings on is one of the most important things you can do during your time at university. Striving to engage with events and activities you would otherwise not be aware of is an important part of your development during your student life, as well as keeping abreast of local news that may impact you.

From the best places to celebrate, spent a night out with friends or a day out at an exhibition, with the most important events for you to know about this academic year, we’ve got it covered.

We endeavour to provide you with the best goings on in the Big Smoke, no matter what your interests are. It is of paramount importance that no student fails to engage with their university life and with the city around them, especially when that city is one as diverse and exciting as London.

Browse all our articles relating to university and London news and events. This includes such things as seasonal parties, activities, special festivities and where’s hot and where’s not.

To find other useful content relating to life as a student, we have a range of categories you can choose from. These include London Life, Careers and Finance, Study and Accommodation. Select any of these to find a wealth of information relevant to your London student life.

Best TV Of 2016 To Binge-watch

It’s winter, it’s cold and sometimes it seems like too much of an effort to gather layers of clothing, pull on hats and gloves and march out into... Read more

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Top 10 Free Things to Do Around urbanest Westminster Bridge

  There are endless amounts of free things to do near urbanest Westminster, however this list contains the absolute ‘must visit whilst in London’ places that you simply... Read more

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How To Celebrate Chinese New Year In London

This January 28th will begin the Chinese New Year and the Year of the Rooster. It is the biggest celebration in the Chinese calendar and often warrants huge... Read more

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Guide To The Best Unknown Theatres In London

Get off the grid with this guide to some of the best unknown theatres in London, with a wide range of excellent performances... Read more

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Top 10 Things To Do In London Over Christmas

Top 10 Things To Do In London Over Christmas There are always things to do in London, especially during the holiday season. No matter what your interests, there’s something... Read more

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7 Secluded and Secret Galleries to See in London

So you’ve circled the likes of the National Portrait Gallery, Tate Modern and Whitechapel many times and are now looking for something a little bit different. In addition... Read more

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Best Things You Must Do When In London

Be A Tourist If you fancy learning about London and leaving your study books alone for a day, then London is a fantastic city that can cater for... Read more

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The Best Places To Watch Football In London

Unless you’re one of the fortunate few who has a season ticket to watch your favourite team whenever you like, finding a way to watch football can be... Read more

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What to Wear to University to Make a Good First Impression

Cramming of all of your belongings into the family car, enduring a pretty emotional journey, then embarking upon your new life. Needless to say, the first day of... Read more

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How To Relax At Christmas And Start The New Year With Energy

  It’s the Christmas holidays! A time of overindulgence, lie-ins, and hours in front of the TV….. or is it?  Whilst it may seem like everyone falls into... Read more

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