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Struggling with your course’s set reading is a tradition going back millennia.

Urbanest is London’s dedicated source of student accommodation. With that we share a plethora of tips and tricks to make the most of student life in the UK’s capital city. However, ‘study’ is a big part of student life, and here on The Journal we provide advice and guidance on making sure you perform at your very best during your time at university.

Our study category aims to provide students with all the very best advice on how to optimise their efficiency at university. No matter what your subject is, we at Urbanest want you to succeed. Despite any fears that your set reading list might be longer than anyone else’s, we’re here to reassure you that all students are in the same boat, and that many of us at The Journal also survived the workload given to us by lecturers and course tutors. We have advice for you to help you through each and every essay, seminar and exam season.

To supplement our own advice, we regularly reach out to experts, whether leaders in business or in the medical profession, to give their thoughts on how best to get through the work you are given.

In this section you will find all our posts relating to study and making the very most of your time in front of your books and work. Whether you want advice on how to set up your desk to optimise your productivity, what to eat and drink to improve efficiency or even advice on how to balance study and sleep to be prepared and make the most of your chosen subject.

To find out more about life as a student, check out our other categories, or simply click on an article and browse your way to success at university!

How To Juggle Final Year Stresses

The final year of university is when stress levels are at their highest, and many students can begin to feel a little overwhelmed by all the different things... Read more

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How To Make Overnight Oats For On The Run

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With the imminent arrival of Valentine’s day unfortunately comes the contemplation of your relationship status. Whether you’re loved up or single, it seems the grass is always greener... Read more

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Employers Share the Best CVs They Have Received

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How To Create A Productive Work Atmosphere

Getting a great qualification in a subject you love and redefining your social life are two of the most valuable things that university offers students today. But in... Read more

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