10 Great Food Hacks Every Student Should Know

24th September 2013 Chris Clark London Life

Whether you’re an archaic student or a well organised professional, these quick and easy ‘food hacks’ can bring to life new ways of doing things in your student accommodation. Some of these you may already know, but we thought we would put together our most helpful 10. Some of these you may adopt regularly, where as some will help you get a cold beer when you need it most! Let us know what you favourite student hacks are, as I know we definitely haven’t heard them all…

Wooden spoon

First student food hack, put a wooden spoon across the top of a pan to stop it from boiling over. Voila! no cleaning a dirty Hob afterwards

Fresh salad

Put some tissue, or a serviette in with you salad leaves, it keeps them crisp and fresh.

Popcorn in bowl


Do you get annoyed when you microwave popcorn and when you tip it out of the paper packet into a bowl there are loads of Kernels left? Put the Kernels into a bowl, cover with a plate and microwave until they pop!

Beer cooler

To keep your pitcher of beer cool, put ice cubes into a plastic cup and then put the cup into your pitcher. Bingo!

Beery nice

Got a luke warm beer or drink and need to get it cold quickly? Wrap the beer in a wet tissue and put it in the freezer for a couple of minutes.

Stack and microwave

Microwave two bowls at once by using a cup to seperate the two bowls, one on top of the other. Although this might be a challenge finding a bowl and cup that fit in a stable manner, this is the best way to microwave two bowls at the same time. Remember to use a microwavable cup, and never use anything metal.


Not technically a ‘food’ hack, but definitely Kitchen based. Use a trousers hanger to clip up a your dinner recipes, freeing the worktop space for cooking.

Eggs in water

Fresh eggs

How do you tell if an egg is fresh? Again this is not really a student food hack but a great piece of knowledge to have. Put the egg in a bowl of water and then if its sunk on its side its fresh. If its sunken but stands upright, it’s still ok. If the eggs floats, throw it away.

Bagel storage

It’s a classic, everyone knows this one, but if you need to carry a bagel or two, use an empty CD case spindle.

Banana hack

Wrap the top of a Banana bunch with cling film. The Banana’s will last 4/5 days longer.

What’s your favourite student food hack? Let us know in the comments!

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Chris Clark

Chris Clark

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