10 iPhone Apps to Help Save Students Money

24th October 2013 Chris Clark Careers and Finance

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As part of the ‘Apple Generation’, there have been a whole heap of apps designed for the iPhone to help students on their epic voyage to save money. Here’s a list for you iPhone fanatics to download whilst you sit back and watch the pennies stack up.

1. NUS Extra

Launched in February 2013, this is the ultimate app for your student discounts with the full range available after just a few clicks. There’s even the option to share your favourite discounts with your friends…unless you want to keep them for yourself of course.
Cost: FREE

2. AroundMe

This is a great one for newcomers to a city as it allows you to view information about your surrounding location quickly, including nearby bars, restaurants, cash points, taxi ranks and hospitals. This can be handy for when deciding where to dine etc on a budget as it allows you to discover what’s cheap that’s nearby.
Cost: FREE

3. Moneybook

Though the prospect of this app might be a bit depressing, this nifty software enables you to keep a log of your finances, and then enabling you to categorise your expenditures, and allows you to budget as it takes into account your income.
Cost: £1.99

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4. iTranslate

A must-buy for international students or those wishing to extend their foreign vocabulary or communicate further with their international classmates, iTranslate is the perfect international translator. With voice recognition features, this is the ideal app to replace the pricey (and a little bit rubbish) phrase book. It’s also great for your after-uni worldwide adventures!
Cost: FREE

5. The Student Cook

A cookery app that helps you on your transition from living off your mum’s meals, to becoming a full blown chef. Starting with the basics and guiding you through delicious – and budget friendly – recipes, days of pot noodles and cold beans will be a thing of the past.
Cost: £1.99

6. MySuperList

Possibly not the most thrilling of apps, but a really useful one all the same. MySuperList can be used to draw up a shopping list, total up the cost of your basket and help you find the cheapest supermarket to make your purchases. It also shows you the latest deals at the top supermarkets, saving you energy and best of all, money.
Cost: Free

7. Find My iPhone

Anyone with an iPhone (or any Android for that matter) will understand the sheer horror that the idea of losing your beloved (and mega expensive) phone can bring. This is a good one for those of us that are slightly more accident prone as if your phone is ever lost, you’ll be able to locate it from any other Apple device.
Cost: Free

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8. OrSaveIt

Ideal for if you’re saving towards something alongside your studies. On this app, you take a photo – or find one – of the thing you’re saving for and then every time you avoid making a purchase in a shop make a note of it and OrSaveIt makes a note of how much you’ve saved by not spending, and therefore how much closer you are to your target.
Cost: Free

9. Evernote

Save money on dull organisers and old-school Filofaxes with this clever little app that allows you to capture all sorts of information, from notes to photos, videos and voice clips. It’s a great one for getting organised as all your info will be in one place, and you can also sync all your stuff to other Apple devices.
Cost: Free

10. HotUKDeals

This is a useful one for everyone but especially students who will benefit like crazy from the voucher codes and discounts available through this app. Also keep an eye out for freebies it advertises. Therefore it’s a great one for making that trip to the shops a bit more bearable.
Cost: Free

Let us know your favourite apps in the comments!

Chris Clark

Chris Clark

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