11 Signs You’re Ready To Go Back To University After The Summer Holiday

17th September 2018 Chris Clark Accommodation, London Life

Those precious weeks off in the summer were without a doubt the highlight of any year before we hit the age of 18 and made it to uni. Now, they’re the feared and dreaded weeks of…*gulp*…having to move back in with your parents, letting your liver try and reset to a semi-healthy state. If you’re having withdrawal symptoms from university life, chances are you’re definitely not the only one. We’ve put a list of 11 signs that it’s about time you got yourself back to uni before you do yourself some damage.

1. You’re getting dangerously used to good meals and unlimited electricity

All the nutrients are having a strange affect on your body, as is a half normal body clock. Your skins looking better and you’re seeing more daylight. It seems like a decent sleeping pattern and a home-cooked meal does actually have its benefits! Who knew?

2. Your laptop homepage is your fresher’s week event calendar

You always thought your home-town was a little boring but never realised the extent until you moved back after city living.  If you’re looking at your freshers week calendar day in day out, impatiently waiting until your escape from home, don’t worry, you’re not alone! University students all around the country are skyping housemates 5 times a day to keep them updated about all the UV and foam parties they’ve got planned.

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3. Your summer job is making you tear your hair out

How anyone wants to happily do your temporary job for their whole life is beyond you. You want out. Now. You’ve had a taste of a different way of life and reverting back to your old ways is not what you want on the menu. The only reason you haven’t quit? The fact you’d then have to spend even longer at home!

4. It’s been a whopping 5 days without a night out…

You miss your cheap Wednesday nights out on the tiles, even if those tiles do super-glue to your shoes. And even though walking through countless spilt Jagerbombs sounds rather grim, you can’t help miss it! There’s also something about the tequila back home – it’s just not the same!

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5. Everyone back at home seems to be married or having babies

This is fine of course, but you’ll take ramen noodles or cold baked beans any day over dirty nappies and 3am feeds. Even worse, there’s always that one person who’s somehow managed to get a mortgage and can’t stop talking about it. Yawn.

6. You actually have things to sort out

Like the small matter of where you’re going to live next year and how you’re going to get electricity and gas when returning to study. Oh and what’s that thing someone mentioned? Council tax? What’s that? Can we stay in student halls forever please?!

7. You’re not sure how you and your parents lived together for 18+ years

It’s impossible to tell who is getting on whose nerves more, so it’s probably time you left again. If you’re going to stay in bed til 4pm and binge-watch your new favourite Netflix show, you want to do so without judgement!

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8. You spend far too much time chatting to your housemates

You can’t quite believe you’ve managed to survive without your 4am chats and lazy days with endless cups of tea. You’re that bored you’re even considering cracking on with your reading list for the year. Oh, wait a second, you still haven’t got through your second run of Breaking Bad season 7. The books can wait.

9. You check your calendar every day to see how many days is left at home

Do you find you’re irrationally disappointed that your time left at home hasn’t substantially decreased since the last time you looked… three hours ago? There will have been moments in first year where you decided you hated student halls but you can’t understand that now. You miss the chaos!

10. You still haven’t even unpacked

After all, unpacking just leads to packing again…right? You’d rather live out of a suitcase, as it reminds you that you won’t be stuck at home forever.

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11. Your friends at home are sick of hearing your uni stories

They’re also not very good at pretending they’re interested anymore, too. In fact, you’ve probably been told to shut up about your uni’s nightlife. It’s obviously true that it’s better than at home but your friends who are still there can’t hack hearing it. At the same time, you can’t hack nights out in the only club for miles, bumping into everyone you’ve ever known – your mum’s best mate, your nan, your old creepy head of year. Back to uni we go.

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