5 Great Clothes Shops For Students Who Want More

17th September 2013 Chris Clark Careers and Finance, London Life

Let’s get this straight… Students aren’t an alien race that love anything as long as its rubbish. Most people talk about student life style as if all they do is shop at Primark, and only eat baked beans on toast or pot noodle. Everyone likes to spend a bit of cash on the finer things in life. That’s why we want to let you know about 5 great clothes stores you should get to know.

Garb store ££££

Garb Store London

Garbstore / Couverture are situated in London’s well known Notting Hill, close to Portobello market (one of the best places to buy vintage)
The store comprises of 3 floors, with the ground and upper floor containing garments from their sister company Couverture.
Launching in 2008 it was an instant success and The Times voted it as their Cult Shop of 2008. Garb store is now a well established premier shopping destination in London, yet many still are unaware of the great apparel they deliver.

Folk £££

Folk started out as a small company in 2001 with a set vision; Create simple everyday clothing with subtle and playful innovative detailing. Since then it has grown with 3 London stores, and a store in Munich, Germany. The London branches can be found in Holborn, Green Park, and just off Brick Lane in Shoreditch. The clothes they sell do not try to re-invent the wheel in terms of style but the cut, fabrics, attention to detail and style make the garments they produce are well worth the money. The men’s range is perfect for anyone wanting to casually smarten up their wardrobe.

Urban Outfitters ££

Urban outfitters
Urban Outfitter’s has become a staple shop in European high streets. But that doesn’t mean it should be over looked as another chain throwing out generic brands to the masses.
Yes it has some more generic sections of clothing that run across all of its stores, but you can still find some interesting bits and non saturated mass market pieces if you spend the time. It also has a good rotation of stock, so you don’t have to wait long before there’s loads in you’ve never seen before.

Cos £££

Cos store
Most women have probably heard of Cos, but if you haven’t then its definitely worth looking into for an on-trend, nicely produced piece of clothing you need for an ‘occasion’. A similar approach to Zara in the UK (ignore this reference Spaniards), but a lot nicer. It also does a nice set of smart Men’s wear that is worth checking out.

Off The Hook ££

Off the Hook is based out of Canada, and has a store on the high street and online. It contains a great selection of apparel for both men and women from brands such as Brixton, Penfield, Obey, Cheap Monday, Vans etc. Having been to the store myself in June, I can safely say it had 1 or two pieces I was happy to pay a lot of money for!

Bonus store…

The Buttery Store

The Buttery store is a similar shop to Off The Hook, but is less Canadian, and more ‘London’ with its clothing and brand choices. Sourcing the best brands from all over the globe helps it avoid the ‘run of the mill’ threads that often saturate stores all across London.

So, get shopping at find your favourite stores in London!

Chris Clark

Chris Clark

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