8 of the Cringiest Valentine’s Day Tales From Students

8th February 2017 Jess Kadel London Life

Depending on your relationship status, an approaching Valentine’s day can come with excitement or dread. A day that comes with so much pressure is no stranger to the occasional mishap. So to help you feel a little better about your love life, or lack of, we took to Reddit to find some of the cringiest Valentine’s day tales from fellow students.

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1. The Open Relationship

‘When I first moved to Germany, I signed up to Tinder in the hope of meeting some lovely local folk (and to practise my non-existent German). After chatting for a while, I decided to meet this particular guy in person for a lunch date, and on V-Day too.

The date was going well; he was cute, and we were speaking in an amusing mixture of English and German. Then he mentioned his girlfriend.

At first I thought it was the language barrier, but he kept bringing her up. I eventually had to ask what he meant. Turned out in his Tinder bio he’d stated he was in an open relationship and looking for a third…’

2. The ‘Secret’ Admirer

‘Come every February 14th, no matter where I live I always receive a mysterious Valentine’s day card signed from ‘?’ I’m well aware it has been my parents for at least 10 years as they don’t even bother to change their handwriting, but when I approach them about it, they always act oblivious. I don’t know what’s worse, the fact that I’m 21 and still receive pity cards from my parents, or the fact that they try to give me a glimmer of hope by denying it’s them.’

3. The Drunken Date

I went on a date and the guy insisted he was buying doubles even though I told him I’m a massive lightweight. I was getting really drunk and said I wanted to go home soon but he started moaning about his ex. Then he started asking me questions about my ex who I’d recently split up with. I ended up just drunkenly crying in front of this guy, what a mess.

4. The Public Proposal

‘A guy I went to dinner with proposed, making sure the restaurant was in on it. It was VERY public. We’d been dating two weeks. WEEKS, not months, not years. I got booed at for saying no and had to defend myself to a bunch of strangers that we barely knew each other. He cried. I had to call a taxi home. It was just too pathetic.’

5. The Double Date

‘For Valentine’s day, we went on a double date with my girlfriend and her parents. I was dating her for about a month. The restaurant we wanted to go to had an hour wait so we went to Hooters instead since her dad had a coupon. Our waitress there happened to be my ex-girlfriend who took every opportunity to point at my flaws in front of them. It was awful.’

6. The Pick Up

‘I was going on a Valentine’s date with this lad once and he said he’d pick me up. He texted saying he was near, so all glammed up and ready to go, I looked outside. But all I could see approaching was the bus. Turns out he had come to pick me up, on the local bus.’

7. The Affair

‘Went on a date about 7 years ago to a very nice restaurant with this guy I was seeing at the time. This man was 8 years older than I am but we had a lot in common and he seemed like a really great guy.

So, we’re sitting at the restaurant, about to bite into the appetizers when he starts to look panicked. I’m sitting next to him in a booth and we’re facing the door. I asked him what was wrong. He starts stammering, looks nervously around the restaurant then grabs his glass of wine and proceeds to pour it into my lap.

It was almost like a movie, it was kind of in slow motion. It wasn’t a “oops, I knocked my drink over” he straight up poured it into my lap. Before I could process what was happening he said “maybe you want to go the ladies room?” And that’s when I stood up and shouted, “why did you do that?!”

As soon as I stood up, and screeched, while covered in red wine on my pale blue dress I hear a woman’s voice say “Charles?” He says “Hi, honey, um this is Sloane, my work colleague. We were just going over some documents.”

I am standing there, quickly judging the situation, notice her wedding ring, turn to the woman and say, “I’m assuming you’re Charles’s wife? I’m so sorry about that because this is Henry, I’m on a date with him right now, but, a lot like his marriage, this date is also ending right now.” I grabbed my wine, poured it on his head, apologised to his wife, and stormed out of there.

30 minutes later receive a text from Charles/Henry that says, “Hey, I don’t have anywhere to stay tonight, is it OK if I crash at yours?’

8. The Foul-Smelling Frock

‘I was on a date in Starbucks and this girl was so nervous she drank her hot chocolate as fast as she could. To the point that when we were walking to the cinema minutes later, she barfed it all back up in the middle of the street! All down her dress next. I offered to buy her a new dress but she declined. The smell during that film…’

Have you got any cringey Valentine’s day tales of your own? Let us know in the comments!

Jess Kadel

Jess Kadel

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