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31st January 2018 Barney O'donoghue London Life

This article was written by our urbanest resident, Zahraa Jaffar. Zahraa is a Law graduate, currently studying for her MSc in Law Business and Management at University of Law at Moorgate. In her spare time she can usually be found at the gym or at Barry’s Bootcamp.”

The New Year is well and truly under way, and while we may have started it off with the best intentions of hitting the gym, getting fitter and eating healthier, the reality may be a little different. When we think of the gym, most of us immediately imagine spending copious amounts of time on the treadmill or feeling intimidated by complicated looking machines. However, getting into fitness shouldn’t be perceived that way. Having the advantage of living in London means that your fitness opportunities are endless. There are many gym-alternative fitness classes in London which you could join and be instructed throughout to ensure that you are enjoying yourself. Below is a suggested list of fitness classes around Urbanest Hoxton.

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Barry’s Boot Camp

Barry’s Boot Camp is located at 2 Workship Street and only a 14-minute walk from Urbanest Hoxton. It’s one of the most addictive and motivational fitness classes in London. The Boot Camp is an efficient workout, incorporating both cardio and resistance training intervals ensuring to pump your heart rate. Each instructor will not only inspire you but also motivate you to push yourself because you are always stronger than you think. It is estimated that a one-hour class at Barry’s Boot Camp could burn up to 1,000 calories! So it’s worth giving this a try.

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Hard Yard London

To make fitness more fun, you could always vary your workout and incorporate HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) and Resistance training (weight lifting). All of which do not require a treadmill you could achieve using only your body weight or a pair of dumbbells. Located in Southwark and Angel, Hard Yard London is a newly established fitness company which runs 45-minute bodyweight HIIT workout sessions. These are inspired and instructed by ex-convicts who teach the tough workouts they learned inside the cell. You don’t need any equipment. Just yourself and the voice of motivation by the instructors to push you to your ultimate capacity, leaving you feeling proud and accomplished by the end of it.

Gymbox Old Street

Last on the list of fitness classes in London, is Gymbox Old Street. This gym is only an 8-minute walking distance from Urbanest Hoxton. It holds a packed schedule of classes, ensured to motivate you and boost your fitness levels. The sessions range from a variety of HIIT, boxing, yoga, weightlifting, spin, dance, and the list goes on. Why not pop-in for a quick tour and chat about student discounts. You could perhaps ask for a free trial session with one of their personal trainers if you join?

Remember, we all have to start small and gradually build our way through fitness. So why not start today and begin to incorporate fitness as part of your lifestyle rather than deeming it as a chore on your to-do list? It is important to consider that diet and nutrition play a vital role alongside exercise. So that could be the next thing to focus on.

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