7 Alternative Ideas For Your Friday Night

17th March 2017 Jess Kadel London Life

‘Are you out tonight?’ is often a question which is met with excitement or dread. As much as the student bubble has its perks, the constant stream of late nights and hangovers can take its toll. If you’re yearning for a fun Friday night that doesn’t involve shots at the SU, here are a few alternative ideas to help you unwind.


While the cinema isn’t the cheapest pastime, especially on a Friday, take advantage of your student discount while you have it. If you don’t fancy a standard night at the pictures, why not discover alternative cinemas? London is home to many unique venues. For example, the Regent Street Cinema, which witnessed the Lumière Brothers’ first demonstration of film projection in the UK. It has recently reopened after £6 million restorations, and it still echoes that vintage, nostalgic decor. On top of that, the Alfresco Pillow Cinema involves watching a variety of recent releases and popular classic films on comfortable bean bags in unique areas around London.

Flat meal in

If you’re not particularly interested in a night out, why not host your student version of a dinner party? Cooking a meal with your flat can be a fun and not so costly activity if you split the price of the food. Despite the fact that you all live together, it’s not often you’re all in the same place at the same time. So, use this chance to have a catch up with your roomies. If failing that, your flatmates all fancy a night out, why not invite some friends from your course around and get to know them better?

Flat meal out

With the stress of student life, it’s tempting to treat yourself every once in a while.  Going out for dinner is a great way to unwind with your flatmates or friends, without having to cook or argue over the dishes. If money is tight, plenty of chain restaurants do offer a student discount. Fancy inspiration for where to go? Here are some of the best restaurants in London for students.


If you’re feeling particularly bored, exercise is a good way of improving your mood and making you feel a little healthier. If you’re already paying gym fees, why not take advantage of the fact that the gym won’t be packed on Friday night? But if you don’t have a gym membership, try a communal workout in your room with your flatmates. Or you could go for a quick sprint around your area and get to know your surroundings a little better.

On top of that, university is jam-packed full of various societies. From boxing to pole fitness, there’s something to please everyone. Find a society that trains on a Friday night, so you definitely won’t be at a loose end.

Movie night

Nothing beats staying in and watching a movie with your friends while eating a pizza or an equally greasy takeaway. Build a comfortable pillow fort and have a range of mediocre DVDs or Netflix at the ready. Again, if everybody else is already out, use this as a little me time and relax in front of some trashy television.


While not the most desirable pastime on this list, it’s rare to find time to get ahead with your uni work. Instead of putting it off until a dread Monday morning, why not take advantage of the fact the library will be empty? Knuckle down without any distractions and reward yourself with a restful night.

Evening coffee

Last but not least on the list of alternative ideas for your Friday night, is to venture to a café. As surprisingly as a café may be for a Friday night suggestion, London is bustling with life. There are several cafés which are open in the evening if you fancy a quick coffee with a friend. For example, Sacred café in London is open until 11 pm on a weekday and midnight on the weekend. So it offers a great opportunity for a catch-up and some cake.

Have you got any alternative ideas for your Friday night? Let us know in the comments!

Jess Kadel

Jess Kadel

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