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10th February 2017 Leigh Horan London Life, News and Events

It’s winter, it’s cold and sometimes it seems like too much of an effort to gather layers of clothing, pull on hats and gloves and march out into the cold with the aim of ‘doing something’. If you’d much rather stay inside, and leave the cold firmly outside, then you’re not alone. But what to do as you hide away from the season? Well, fortunately, 2016 was a year of fantastic TV, and if you fell behind in your usual television consumption levels, or simply want to finally watch that show everyone was raving about three months ago then now’s your chance. So put your – socked – feet up, grab something hot to drink and settle down with these fantastic offerings.

Stranger Things

Stranger things on tablet

If there was a show that everyone went crazy for this year it was Stranger Things. Set in the early 1980’s in Hawkin, Indiana, the story follows the disappearance of Will and his three friends. Aided by the mysterious girl Eleven, who has special powers, they endeavour to find him. With plenty of references to 80’s culture, including clothes, hair, music and films this show is a delight for anyone that likes a bit of nostalgia. It’s also overtly sci-fi, with scientific experiments, mind control and alternate realities being the backbone of the show.

The OA

The OA Still

Making a surprise appearance at the end of 2016 was The OA, another sci-fi offering from Netflix in a similar vein to Stranger Things. This series focuses on Prairie, a young blind woman who disappeared seven years before our story begins, only to return to her home town with strange scars on her back and her sight fully returned. Set in the modern day, we listen to Prairie as she recounts her tale to a group of five misfits, bringing them together in their times of need.

The Night Of

The Night Of Still

Nasir is an intelligent, hard-working student, who finds it hard to be accepted because of his Pakistani heritage, which made things difficult for him when he was younger. One night, acting recklessly, he decides to drive his fathers car to a local party, but gets hopelessly lost in New York, eventually coming across Andrea. After spending the night with her, Nasir, with no recollection of the previous nights events, awakes to find her stabbed to death. The series then follows him as he desperately tries to remember what happened the night of Andrea’s murder.


Still from Westworld

Imagine that you could travel to a resort where every human and animal were robots, where you can act out your darkest fantasies, without restraint or fear of reprimand. Well in this TV series, HBO’s most expensive yet, you can do exactly that. Affluent individuals head to this robotic world with a wild west theme for two week holidays, hoping to try out some of the different adventure narratives available, or perhaps break off with their own story. But not everything is as it seems, and perhaps these robots are more human than it first appears . . .

Game of Thrones Season 6

Game Of Thrones Still

2016 was the year the most recent instalment of The Game of Thrones series made its appearance, meaning television chatter was firmly about this famous show throughout July and August. Set in a world where everyone is competing, sometimes to the death, to claim the Iron Throne, this instalment brought us one step closer to the conclusion of the story.

What TV shows from 2016 do you think deserve a mention? Let us know in the comments. 

Leigh Horan

Leigh Horan

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