The Best Ways to Travel as a Student this Summer

20th May 2015 Sam Turner Travel

There are lots of ways to make the most of your summer break from study. Some people go back home to recharge their batteries whilst taking a job to replenish their bank balances, others try and get a head start on their reading for the academic year ahead. A great way to spend the summer is to go abroad. If you are low on funds, though, or if you want to prepare yourself for term time, travelling isn’t always easy, practical nor productive. However, there are ways for students to travel without it being too expensive and it be a much more rewarding experience than a couple of weeks on the beach. Here are a few ways you can travel whilst picking up CV-boosting skills, earning some money, or just saving a bit whilst gaining from the experience.

Will Jones from had this to say about student travel:

‘To travel is one of the best ways you can spend your time and money. It provides an education that no classroom or teacher could ever deliver, and opens your eyes to the world around you.

‘Travelling for travelling’s sake is fine, and something many are lucky enough to indulge in, but much more common these days is to use your time out to intern, work or volunteer, or develop yourself in some other way. This can look fantastic on a CV and gives much more value to your time out from a potential employer’s point of view.’

From teaching abroad to farming in another country, we look at the best opportunities for student travel


Language camp providers LEOLingo in Germany welcome native speakers from all over the world to help out on their educational holidays. If you have experience working with children between the ages of 7 and 15, this could be the chance for you to enhance more teaching skills while travelling to some beautiful parts of Germany (the camps are ran in Bavaria, Hamburg, Schwerin and by the Baltic Sea). Sabine Görner of the LEOLingo told The Journal: ‘we are always looking for students who would like to work in our language camps during summer.

‘For students, the experience brings several positive effects; they not only improve their skills in teaching a language and working with children but also have the possibility to learn German with their host families and to travel around the country.’

Camp America are also a very well established company that look for camp leaders and helpers every years for their various holiday camps. If you are looking to spend some time in the US, then this is the ideal opportunity.


This may not provide you with a guaranteed flight direct to New York, but there are several websites which run competitions with excellent prizes. Insurance company World Nomads and the aforementioned are worth keeping an eye on, especially as they both give great travel tips.

Fancy getting away from it all this study but don't want to pay for it - have a look at these great student travel opportunities


For those who have special aims for their travels, organisations such as UNESCO offer grants to fund their excursions. Take a look at their website for details on their fellowships.

Study Abroad

Most UK higher education institutions take part in the ERASMUS exchange scheme. This governmental scheme partners universities across Europe to enable exchanges. Grants and scholarships are available from ERASMUS to assist the exchange programme and enable people to study, work, volunteer, teach and train across Europe.

Tour Guide

Being a tour guide in a foreign city is a fantastic way to learn a great deal about the history of a particular place and as you live there you will absorb the local culture. Sandemans offer free tours in cities diverse as Copenhagen and Tel Aviv and are the largest walking tour company in Europe. The experience will develop your presentation skills and give you excellent experience in the tourism industry. You will already need to have some knowledge of the location and have your accommodation sorted out but being a tour guide is a great way to pay for the arrangement.

Farm Work

World Wide Opportunities for Organic Farms (WWOOF) offer placements all around the world often with food and lodgings provided. After paying a membership fee of £20 you can join their network of farmers who are looking for volunteers to work on the land.

So the opportunities are almost endless. If you have itchy feet this summer have a look at some of the above organisations and see which parts of the world you can see.

Sam Turner

Sam Turner

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