Top 5 Breakfast Places In London To Recover From A Night Out

13th January 2017 Leigh Horan London Life

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Some people are fortunate enough to have never undergone the searing pain of the after effects of the night before. A few remarkable souls are even lucky enough to enjoy the superhuman ability of shaking off the terror of their sweat-inducing insobriety with exercise and an ominous looking green smoothie. If, however, you’re as privy to the clutches of the dreaded hangover as the rest of us poor paupers, chances are you’re feverishly looking for a get out of jail card to rescue you when all seems lost.

There’s a very high chance that, as a student in the capital, you’ll be imbibing a few more shots than you should be as you gallivant around the city, and that the more sensible part of you has already begun to dread looking into your bloodshot eyes in the mirror the morning after. Well aside from embracing a pint of water and your duvet like you never have before, we may have the cure for all your ills in the form of a lovely, greasy, oily breakfast. So put your comfy clothes on and get out of bed; it’s time for you to discover the ideal locations to recover, with some of the best breakfast places in London.

Regency Cafe

We’re starting off strong with beloved greasy spoon, Regency Cafe. Knocking elbows with some of the haughtier joints in the city, the Regency Cafe consistently comes within the top five of recommended eateries in London, according to Yelp. With gingham curtains, Formica tables and your yelled order echoing off the tiled walls, this art deco joint is a cosy and popular destination. A downside is that it can be a little noisy at times, so don’t head here if your hangover is of the variety where even birdsong sounds like devilish incantations. It’s also shut on a Sunday, so make it your Saturday morning pit-stop instead. Bonus: it’s been used as a filming location for films Layer Cake, Brighton Rock and Pride.

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If you’re still hankering after traditional greasy fare then E.Pelicci’s and you are going to become firm friends. Celebrated as a home from home by many of the long-standing regulars, this cafe is the pride and joy of the East End and is firmly nestled in a Grade II listed building. Operated by the same family for over a hundred years, Mama Maria firmly steers this gaff to the sound of fry up fanfare. Prepare yourself for traditional chunky chips on the side of a gloriously large breakfast, accompanied by some friendly banter from the owners, who never mind taking the time to get to know their customers. Bonus: the cafe was once the haunt of the Kray twins.

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Brickwood London

For the hipsters among us, Brickwood London is a priceless, avocado coloured gem. Perhaps not the traditional hungover cure that most of us reach for, the menu, however, sounds intoxicating. With locations in Clapham and Balham, and a new cafe about to open in Tooting, Brickwood’s brunch selection will satisfy your hankerings for both salty and sweet flavours, with such things on offer as fresh baked French toasted brioche and poached eggs on sourdough. The cafes take inspiration from the popular and burgeoning cafe scenes in Australia and New Zealand and their freely advertised wi-fi password means you can hunker down with your phone in a quiet corner whilst you wait for your headache to subside.

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 The Gantry

A pretty and charming treat nestled in Brockley, and a stone’s throw away from the Crystal Palace underground station, The Gantry is described as somewhat of an ‘Alice In Wonderland‘ experience. First you enter into a tiny bar with a wide selection of liquids, before stumbling down some narrow stairs to sit in either a botanical conservatory, or an elegantly panelled dining room. The breakfast/brunch menu is straightforward, meaning you won’t be dithering about your order whilst your cafetiere gets cold. The beautiful decor means it can get a bit busy, so maybe plan in advance with this one and save it for a morning when you know you’ll be marginally functioning.

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The Gallery Cafe

A fantastic option for the vegans and vegetarians, this community cafe has the feeling of sitting in your friend’s garden whilst enjoying a veritable allotment of cruelty-free treats. Located in Bethnal Green, The Gallery Cafe is a little rough round the edges, but aren’t you after a night out? With a vegan ‘Full English’ on offer, as well as pancakes, avocado on toast and an interesting variety of mains if you arrive a little late for brunch, this is a definite place to head to if you’re not a fan of meaty fare. It even has a gorgeous little courtyard with buckets of flowers.

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Are there other breakfast places you know that help with quelling your hangover symptoms? Let us know about them in the comments!

Leigh Horan

Leigh Horan

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