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6th March 2014 Chris Clark London Life, News and Events

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Let’s face it; London is an incredible city. From the bustling centre to the (slightly) calmer outskirts, it’s one of the most iconic cities in the world.
We thought it was time we got to learn about our great capital a little more, especially all things student related. Here’s some of the most interesting stuff we found.

1. More languages are spoken in London that in any other city in the world. The total is over 300.
We dare you to learn them all. Right now. GO!

2. There are approximately 12,000 licensed taxis working at any one time in London.
So getting around is rarely a problem regardless of the time of day. (Just make sure you have a spare zillion quid to get you two miles down the road if you’re getting a black cab).

3. Approximately 700,000 people commute into London by train every day.
And yet we still somehow manage to sit next to the one person who forgot to put on deodorant for the past year…

4. Business degrees are the most popular in London, with 64,000 UK and international students studying one in the capital.
Though there are over 30,000 to choose from if that doesn’t float your boat, with other courses in the top five including Law and the Social Sciences.

5. London has more universities in the world top 40 universities list than any other city. There are four.
Practice your best smug face as you fill your friends in with this fact.

6. Busking has been licensed on the tube since 2003. Sting and Paul McCartney are both rumoured to have busked on the underground in disguise.
Good to know if you ever find yourself needing spare change. Just one request, however; please give ‘Wonderwall’ a rest.

7. London has 4,500 pubs and bars.
So there’s always an excuse for a pint after a hard day of lectures (or just a really great nap).

8. London has 900 bookshops which is twice as many as New York.
That will be extremely useful to remember if you ever get round to actually doing some reading, especially as you can boast to your friends who are off to New York on a ‘gap yah’. There are even more American banks in London than there are in New York, for some reason which we’re sure is completely valid…

9. Filming on location in the Underground costs £500 per hour, unless you have a crew of less than five.
Nice and handy to remember if you’re on a media course (or just have a great idea regarding a zombie-based horror film set on the tube).

10. 17% of the 32,000 music performances that take place in London each year are free.
This is appealing and something you should definitely hunt around for. (And no, watching buskers doesn’t count).

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Chris Clark

Chris Clark

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