urbanest ‘talks’ : An Evening with Kate Hoey at urbanest Westminster Bridge

22nd November 2017 Matt Felix News and Events

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urbanest recently welcomed Kate Hoey for our latest addition of the urbanest ‘talks’ series, on the 18th floor of urbanest Westminster Bridge, taking time out of her busy schedule to share her insight on life as an MP.

As the MP for Vauxhall, the constituency that serves urbanest Westminster Bridge, Kate Hoey was able to shed light on issues from the area, as well as taking from her considerable experience to offer her opinions and thoughts to our residents on British and global politics as a whole.

As well as thoughtful answers to any insightful questions they had for the long serving MP, residents were treated to refreshments and a reception in the common room.

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The discussion with Kate is the second in a series of seminars hosted by urbanest, giving our student accommodation residents access to the thoughts and opinions of industry leaders in everything from politics to entertainment, journalism to sports. The series will continue throughout this coming academic year, reflecting urbanest’s commitment to providing the ideal environment for academic thought and discussion. Look out for more information on these talks, coming very soon!


Who would you like to see at an urbanest “talks”? You could have questions for a political figure you admire, or want to know how a certain young entrepreneur got their idea out of their mind and into the world. Let us know in the comments section below!

Matt Felix

Matt Felix

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