The Best Netflix Series to Binge Watch Right Now

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Netflix is our saviour right now and for the first time in our lives it’s totally acceptable to binge watch for days on end. We know too well how overwhelming the sheer volume of shows to watch (many of them rubbish) is on Netflix. As such, we’ve rounded up our all-time favourite shows to watch on Netflix ready for your next binge session! From true crime to classic TV shows, we have you covered.

Peaky Blinders

The Shelbys, a family of Brummie (people from Birmingham) mobsters, come face to face with their rival gangs in the aftermath of the First World War. The fictional family is loosely based on a real 19th century urban gang. Five series of pure gangster indulgence in this top rated Netflix series.

Tiger King

A seven-part true crime Netflix mini series exploring a feud between two big names in the big cat community in America. Joe Exotic, with his blonde mullet and gun, owns a zoo in Oklahoma stands opposite Carole Baskin, an animal rights activist who has some big secrets of her own. Must see TV shows don’t get much more gripping than this.

The Last Dance

Incredibly popular on Netflix, this documentary series follows the Chicago Bulls on their historic 97/98 NBA season. You do not need to know anything about basketball to enjoy this binge-worthy Netflix series!

Sex Education

A British comedy-drama following the lives of a socially awkward teenager and his mother, a sex therapist. Up there with the best TV shows to binge watch, this is a raunchy teen show filled with All-American glow (think Jocks and Mean Girls). Sex Education also explores issues related to intimacy and identity. The second series has just landed, perfect for a Netflix binge watch.


This American crime drama is among the best on Netflix. A money laundering scheme with Mexican cartels goes horribly wrong, forcing the married couple involved to relocate their family to the Ozark mountains in Missouri. Major Breaking Bad vibes throughout this popular Netflix series.

Ru Paul’s Drag Race

Think America’s Next Top Model with more drag and entertainment in this must see series. Watch drag queens make their own outfits, perform acting, dancing and singing challenges and face off in lip-sync battles to avoid being eliminated and claim the crown. 11 seasons of light-hearted, easy watching bliss.

Conversations with a Killer: The Ted Bundy Diaries

This man’s psychopathic cruelty traumatised America in the 1970s. Watch this series of interviews with Stephen Michaud, which were held and recorded in jail while Ted Bundy was on death row. He confesses to the murder of 30 women and talks about the violence in which he carried them out. Fascinating yet utterly disturbing.


A moving four-part drama loosely based on Deborah Feldman’s autobiography. Etsy, a 19-year old Jewish woman is living (unhappily) in an arranged marriage in an ultra-Orthodox community in New York. She runs away to Berlin, where she discovers herself. Most of the series is in Yiddish with English subtitles so put your phone away and indulge.

Love is Blind

Just when you think the world can’t get any crazier a bunch of single girls and guys get to know each other through a wall and decide if they’d like to marry one other having never met in person. Gripping.

Next in Fashion

Diehard fan of Project Runway? Next in Fashion is the perfect binge for you! 18 designers draw, cut, and sew for the chance to win a cash prize and the opportunity to sell their line on Net-a-Porter. Hosts Alexa Chung and Tan France make this show what it is.

Orange is the New Black

Former small-time criminal turned PR executive Piper is held accountable for her past in this top Netflix series. Thrown into a minimum-security prison, she does not fit in well. From her first day to her last day in prison, chaos follows her. Expect drugs, death, sex, and escape attempts! You have seven seasons to catch up on!


Adapted from the novel series of the same name, You is peak escapist TV. Follow Joe Goldberg as he manipulates, stalks, and even kills his way into the hearts of the women he obsesses over and professes to love. Currently 2 seasons available to binge – trust us it is gripping!

Bojack Horseman

Hilarious – the best thing Will Arnett has done since Arrested Development. Slapstick humour, word play and incredible animation.

The Crown

A sumptuous look at one of the worlds most famous families: The Royal Family. Following the early years of the relationship between the Queen and Prince Philip – it is British opulence at its finest!

Mad Men

A slow-burning drama about ad execs in the 60s – the best prestige drama of its era. No list of the best TV on Netflix is complete without Don Draper. There are 7 seasons available on Netflix so you can really get into it.

Our Planet

Narrated by our favourite nature expert, David Attenborough, the Our Planet documentary is a beautiful and breath-taking look at planet Earth in all its glory. An educational and awe-inspiring documentary addressing the issues of conservation and the impact climate change has on animals across the world. One of the best documentaries on Netflix and eye-opening viewing for many.

Did you know you can also hold Netflix Parties now where you can watch the same programme as a friend and chat along at the same time? Find out more here. 

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