Tips for Having a Productive Reading Week at University

4th November 2014 Chris Clark Study

Tips for Having a Productive Reading Week at University

For many students, reading week is an opportunity to put the books down and relax for the week, away from the stresses of assignments and lectures. However, most lecturers will tell you that reading week is actually supposed to be for getting work done rather than just sleeping and lazing around.

With that in mind, here are some tips for having a productive reading week and actually making the most of the extra time…

Make a plan of work to do

If you’re intending on getting some work done during reading week then make a plan of everything you have to do and what it is you want to complete. It works well for revision during exam time and works well here too. Plan to do a little bit each day and mix up what it is you’re working on or you’ll get burnt out working on the same thing – unless you have an incredibly important deadline looking for a particular piece of work.

Prioritise your work

It might sound obvious but if you know you have work due in straight after reading week then get that done early to avoid last minute panics. This way if you do come across any stumbling blocks, you have the time to sort it rather than leaving it too late.

Get out and about

If you live in some swanky student accommodation such as Urbanest then you might want to stay in all the time, but if you stay stuck indoors for the whole week then it’s not really conducive to getting work done to the best of your ability. Try spending a few hours in library doing some work instead or even, if the weather’s nice, heading to the park and working in the sunshine. Having a change of scenery will work wonders for your productivity levels. If you’re at a university in a smaller city then you might find the whole place a lot quieter during reading week so make the most of it.

Get your library books out in advance

If you know you’re going to need some library books during reading week, make sure you get there early to avoid disappointment. Some people (maybe including you) will go home during reading week and will take their library books with them, which may well mean they take the books you need. Therefore it’s always advisable to get in there early and secure the books you want. The library should still be open during the week but if it doesn’t have the books you need you could have a problem.

Make time to relax

Of course your reading week shouldn’t be spent solidly doing work or you’ll burn yourself out. Again, like revision, doing too much will actually be detrimental to your productivity, so it’s vital your make time to relax and take a step away from the work for a while. Go to the cinema, see some friends or even just go for a walk; taking a break from work will help you feel rejuvenated once you do go back to it.

Chris Clark

Chris Clark

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