Urbanest Cafe at King’s Cross – first look at what it might look like

31st July 2013 Chris Clark Accommodation, Careers and Finance, News and Events

Urbanest Cafe at King’s Cross

With urbanest King’s Cross opening its doors to students two weeks ago, the first computer generated images of what the King’s Cross Cafe might look like have been sent over to us.
A mix of soft vibrant furnishings, wood, concrete and steel mesh ceiling gives King’s Cross a modern industrial feel with warmth. The type of local hang out you will happily visit for a coffee and bite to eat whilst working on your laptop. As always there will be up to 25 Mb Wi-Fi available in the cafe, and you will be able to buy hot food all day. That means Breakfast, lunch and dinner can all be had from the cafe. Although their are plenty of pastries, healthy snacks and smoothies available if coffee and a full meal isn’t what you are looking for.

Each Cafe will be a reflection of the buildings surrounding areas. The cafe at urbanest Hoxton incorporates woods and colours to match its trendy leafy location. Urbanest King’s Cross however, will have a modern industrial focus to match the future style and appeal of King’s Cross’ regeneration scheme.

We will be posting more images of the cafe soon when the designs have been finalised and fitted out in the Autumn of 2013. We will also have an opening date set, so you can be the first to come and see what its like.
Again, we are always open to feedback on the design and how these cafe’s are run, so please comment below with suggestions…

Chris Clark

Chris Clark

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