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27th January 2015 Chris Clark Accommodation, London Life

This is a guest post by Caity O’Shaughnessy from Louisville, Kentucky, currently a resident at Urbanest Tower Bridge. She is studying Management Masters course at University of Westminster who also is the writer of wheretheheartis

Interesting fact: I am a huge theatre junkie and Beatles obsessed.
“What I love most about London are the parks, the architecture, the people, the West End, the markets, the views – EVERYTHING!”

urbanest Tower Bridge to University of Westminster travel time

urbanest free bike hire – Approximately 32 minutes

Tube – Walk to Aldgate Tube Station and take the Metropolitan line to Baker Street (8 stops) – Approximately 27 minutes

Before travelling on the tube, it’s always best to check www.tfl.gov.uk to check any planned closures. Read more tips about travelling in London using the transport system here.

Chris Clark

Chris Clark

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