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30th October 2017 Leigh Horan News and Events

Google is the first source we turn to now when we have a question, no matter how insignificant it may be. Even if we dare to voice a question out loud we’re often met with the words ‘why don’t you just Google it?’ rather than an answer. From the name of that actress in that film that was on last night, to the IP address of our computers, it seems like there’s nothing Google can’t answer. It’s no wonder that students ask Google a ton of questions then, treating it as the online agony aunt for all their woes.

But what are the most popular questions students ask of Google? We’ve searched far and wide to see what questions the students of the nation have been asking the almighty Google, from how to negotiate the finer details of lecturer/student relationships to what people think of their degrees.

Is university like Fresh Meat?

Image of characters from Fresh Meat
Image courtesy of channel4.com

The Channel 4 TV series Fresh Meat follows a group of madcap students living in a student house, complete with a mature student who appears from nowhere, a string of fairy lights adorning the living room and a fair amount of mouldy mugs in the kitchen. The short answer to this question is yes, though you’ll find university isn’t quite as dramatic as Fresh Meat likes to portray, no matter how amusing it may be when viewed from afar.

Why are art students pretentious?

Certain degrees attract a certain type of person, and you’ll probably be able to differentiate between who studies what by simply looking at their outfits soon enough. However as a graduate art student myself I would like to say WE ARE NOT AND HOW DARE YOU. Just because someone studies a certain degree doesn’t mean they’re the same as someone else you met who also studied that course. Once we start spouting Shakespearean soliloquies feel free to take our drink away and we will freely admit then that, yes, we were a bit pretentious.

Why does my lecturer stare at me?

Image of lecture hall

We’ve all been there; it was too hard to turn down the Sports Social last night, and now it’s 9 am on a Thursday morning, and you’re encased in a dingy auditorium with 200 other people, trying your best to focus on the PowerPoint presentation in front of you. It’s easy to feel paranoid when you’re unprepared and feel as if your lecturer is looking only at you as they speak, but the likelihood is that they’ve only glanced at you as their eyes move around the room. Or perhaps they’re staring at you because you’re still wearing a neon morph-suit, who knows.

Why do I fancy my lecturer?

Well, we’re probably going to have to leave that one with you but if you haven’t watched Fresh Meat yet then maybe you should give it a go. That should tell you exactly why you shouldn’t act on any feelings you may have for your lecturer. And to answer this question more directly; perhaps your lecturer is really hot.

Does it actually rain every day?

Image of rainy London

If you’re not from the UK, then one of your worries is probably to do with the infamous British weather. But let me let you in on a little secret; students ask Google this because we Brits love a good whinge. The weather in the UK is not as bad as we’ve made out over the years, even if it is a bit unpredictable. The reason why everyone thinks it is is that we don’t stop complaining about it.

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Students ask Google lots of things

Whether it’s what other people think of their university of choice or how exactly to make a pasta bake it’s pretty normal for students to turn to Google for answers when so many things are new to them. However avoiding Google as the source of your answers might be the best thing for you when it comes to integrating with your flatmates and staying in contact with your family. Can’t remember how your mum makes that stew? Then call her! Or don’t know the way to that lecture theatre? Then ask someone on your course. Google might be the king of the internet but it can’t make strong relationships for you.

Are there any questions you know students ask Google that you’d like to know the answers to?

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