Westminster Official Launch Event

15th February 2016 Chris Clark Accommodation

Ever Since opening urbanest Hoxton in 2010, urbanest has been setting the standards of student accommodation in London, and with our newest property, urbanest Westminster Bridge, we continue to lead the way in luxurious and affordable accommodation. urbanest recently officially unveiled its brand new property at an event attended by local MP’s and council members, representatives from London universities and members of the urbanest board. With spectacular views of the most iconic landmarks of London and state of the art facilities, urbanest Westminster Bridge is the newest and most exciting urbanest property to provide the best student accommodation in Zone 1 London. Starting life in 2003 as a dilapidated 60’s office block, the old structure was ripped down and replaced with a new modern horse-shoe shaped building that is now a major feature on the London skyline.

Although the building has been open and operational since the start of the academic year in September 2015, the official opening took place recently. In attendance at the grand opening where representatives from King’s College London and London School of Economics University that house their students at Westminster Bridge. In addition, MP for Vauxhall Kate Hoey and Lib Peck, Leader of Lambeth Council, were also in attendance, speaking on the importance of a building like Westminster Bridge in providing jobs and amenities to the local area.

Views of the sun going down over central London from the 18th floor common room balcony.

Mark Morgan, CEO of urbanest with RH Kate Hoey MP for Vauxhall.

Angus Kearin, Lib Peck, Leader of Lambeth Council, and Mark Morgan.

Lib Peck giving a speech on urbanest Westminster Bridge and its place in the Borough of Camden.

Angus Kearin addressing the representatives of King’s College London and London School of Economics.

Chris Clark

Chris Clark

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