30 Fun Things to Do from The Comfort of Your Room

25th September 2020 Big Frank News and Events

We’ve compiled a list of 30 fun things to do, all from the comfort of your bed! From taking a stroll around a world famous monument , to improving upon or learning a new skill, there are many things to do to keep busy.

1. Take a tour of Ancient Rome

You may not be able to travel much right now, but that does not mean you can’t tick off some of your bucket list. Thanks to the art of virtual reality you can now take a tour around the archaeological dream that is Ancient Rome. Virtual tours are among the most fun things to do online for those with wanderlust. Click here to visit Rome. 

2. Solve a mystery

A true crime fan? Help solve mysteries in an online community of likeminded detectives. Swap information and try to get to the bottom of the trickiest cases while making friends online. Visiting Reddit’s Unresolved Mysteries is our favourite thing to do on the internet, click here.

3. Learn a new language

Whether its brushing up on high school French or learning a new language from a beginner level, now is a great time to gain this incredibly useful new skill! If you’re looking for new things to try, download the Duolingo app and get learning!

4. Start a blog

Are you a keen writer? Or passionate about your hobby? Whether it’s cooking, fashion, music or photography, now is a great time to set up an online blog and build up a following. And did you know urbanest are always on the lookout for talented writers to author student related articles? So, get in touch if you’d like to write a piece for the Student Journal.

5. Download Disney+

All the Disney classics in one online library – it’s a no brainer! Binge away the lockdown blues with all the best Disney films and shows on Disney +.

6. Go on a virtual date

Looking for love in the lockdown? Dating doesn’t need to be put on hold just because you can’t meet up. Download the Bumble App, have a flirt and conjure up a creative and fun virtual date!

7. Go to the aquarium

The Monterey Bay Aquarium has set up several live webcams to let you watch underwater life from your room. Nature lovers can enjoy free live streams. They even have live narrated feedings at 11am & 1.20pm on weekdays. Dive in here.

8. Write a novel

Are your creative juices flowing? Perhaps you’ve always wanted to write a novel but never found the time. Well now is your chance! There are some great online resources to help you get started and learn how to write.

9. Have a karaoke night

Missing karaoke with your friends? Did you know you can turn your phone into a mic and sing along to your favourite hit with the gang. Get the group together, download the AirConsole app and start singing today!

10. Immerse yourself in creepy books

Fascinated by horror films and conspiracy theories? The Ritman Library is offering free access to a past world of weird and shocking occurrences with a library of 1,600 digitised pre-1900 horror and paranormal books.

11. Discover your genealogy

Ever wondered where your family derives from? Tracing your family tree can unearth lost memories and distant relatives. Visit www.Ancestrey.co.uk to start following your family history today.

12. Learn calligraphy

In this day and age, the art of writing a beautiful letter is sadly being lost. But if you have dreamt of sending lovely hand-written letters and envelopes to those back home, it’s not too late. Learn how to do calligraphy on Instagram @paintpotsandquills

13. Join a Harry Potter potion making class

If you love Harry Potter, then this is one for you. A group of Harry Potter fans has built an online community where you can enrol at Hogwarts, take online courses, earn House points and more! A fun way to pass the time online while interacting with likeminded people. Check it out here.

14. Go to the theatre

The multi-award-winning Finborough Theatre, presents plays and music theatre, concentrated exclusively on thought provoking text-based new writing, as well as rediscovering genuinely neglected works from the 19th and 20th centuries, many produced or co-produced in-house. They are live streaming many productions from now until Dec – take a look at what’s on this month.

15. Live stream the Northern Lights

Another bucket list trip can be ticked off virtually during lockdown by livestreaming the Northern Lights at Explore.com. Their webcam is located in Canada, directly underneath the aurora oval – don’t miss out on this chance to see one of the world’s most beautiful natural wonders.

16. Learn to cook

You may be upset about the lack of fast food restaurants currently open, but now is a great time to learn how to cook and feed your body with healthy nourishing food. We are posting recipe ideas weekly across social, check them out and get cooking!

17. Listen to a new podcast

Don your headphones and get lost in a new podcast. From fictional tales, to learning to meditate and nutritional advice there’s a plethora of podcasts available right now. Podcasts are a great way to learn new things online and expand your horizons.

18. Marie Kondo your wardrobe

Empty the entire contents of your wardrobe, try everything on and throw away anything that has seen better days or no longer fits. Make a big pile and drop it off at a charity shop once they are open again. Trust us, you’ll feel great when it’s done.

19. Turn your room into a gym

There are thousands of free online fitness videos available right now to help keep fit during lockdown. From trendy London gyms to fitness bloggers on Instagram, you can find anything from HIIT, boxing, strength training to barre and Pilates.

20. Watch every single Shakespeare play

Not many people can say they have seen every single one of Shakespeare’s plays! Well you can give it a go with live streams of Shakespeare productions. ‘The show must go online’ is a digital project showcasing all his plays from A-Z.

21. Visit a museum

Thanks to Google’s Arts and Culture platform, there are over 500 virtual tours of top attractions around the world. Take a leisurely stroll around The Van Gogh Museum, the Musee d’Orsay, MoMA and even the Eiffel Tower! Enter a museum here.

22. Try a fitness challenge

Online fitness challenges are a great way to compete with your friends and family whilst getting stronger! There’s so many to choose from; the 100 push up challenge, the squat challenge, the 5-minute plank challenge – you name it, you can do it!

23. Write to a penpal

Connect with people around the world, learn about different cultures and how everyone’s coping during lockdown. Visit Pen Pal World to connect and start writing to someone straight away.

24. Build a medieval city

Big Sims or Game of Thrones fan? Combine the two and build your own medieval city!

25. Listen to opera

Whether you are a seasoned Opera lover, or a first timer, get immersed in the wonderful world of opera. Met Opera are currently streaming performances. Find out more here.

26. Become a yogi!

Yoga is amazing to help de-stress and stay healthy. Many yoga studios are streaming online classes (many of them for free). Learning how to do yoga is easy, fun, and beneficial to your health. We also love the Downdog app.

27. Watch a feelgood movie

Get those warm and fuzzy feelings going with a feelgood movie. Pick your favourite Netflix films and enjoy a binge-watch. Here’s a link to 25 of the best, all available on Netflix.

28. Improve your communication skills

Start thinking about life beyond uni and take an online course to help build your communications skills. A communication course will help you excel in group work and improve soft skills for your CV. Help here.

29. Learn to paint

Have you got any paint and brushes lying around? There are over 400 episodes of the timeless Joy of Painting available on YouTube. Learning to paint is a total chill out activity.

30. Keep connected with friends and family

One of the most important (and fun) things you can do is keep connected with your friends and family. No matter how far away (or close by) they are you can organise a ‘Houseparty’, Netflix Party, Skype Dinner Party or more.

There are plenty of things to keep you busy and have fun if you find yourself having to self-isolate, however, don’t forget there’s nothing wrong with lying in bed binge watching Netflix! Don’t put pressure on yourself to accomplish everything – sometimes taking time to recharge is essential.

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