7 Secluded and Secret Galleries to See in London

19th December 2016 Joe Graham London Life, News and Events

So you’ve circled the likes of the National Portrait Gallery, Tate Modern and Whitechapel many times and are now looking for something a little bit different. In addition to these big names, the big smoke is unsurprisingly home to many hidden hives of creativity. Thus, to settle your appetite for uncovering innovative art, here are 7 secret galleries in London that you may not have heard of.


Gallery 38b appeared on the art scene in 2010 when couple Eva Rowson and Luke Drozd decided to transform their living room into an exhibition space to help independent artists display their creations. Located in their flat at 38b Peckham Rye, this gallery provides a low cost area for artists to exhibit, while offering a more casual experience for visitors than the typical white cube.

If you want to see more of 38b, click here.

Banner Repeater

Banner Repeater is a hidden gallery in Hackney Downs train station, on platform one to be precise. Founded by artist Ami Clarke in 2010, it is a great way to view some art before a lengthy commute. Banner Repeater focuses mainly on text-based and printed work, but also has a programme of art-related talks and discussions.

Witness Banner Repeater here.

Crypt Gallery

As possibly the most unusual gallery on this list, the crypt beneath St Pancras Church is home to many unique artworks. This eerie site was originally used to bury Londoners in the 19th century, but since 2002 it has hosted contemporary art exhibitions and events. However, while housing this art, it still holds the remains of its initial inhabitants.

Discover the crypt gallery here.


DKUK offers visitors a very unique experience, not only can you witness a variety of art, but you can also get your hair cut simultaneously. Opened by artist and hairdresser Daniel Kelly in 2014, this salon, or gallery, cleverly combined the two seemingly separate avenues in his life. DKUK not only provides a platform for upcoming artists, but also visual entertainment for those sat in the chairs.

Visit DKUK here.

Safehouse 1 and 2

Safehouse 1 and 2 are derelict Victorian houses situated side by side in Peckham. With walls stripped down to their skeletal structure, parts of the flooring removed and an overall neglected aesthetic, this space offers an interesting setting for photo shoots, pop-ups and exhibitions.

See the Safehouses here.

Ladette Space

Ladette Space is similar to 38b in the sense that it is also a transformed living room. Elena Colman, the owner, curator and resident, started Ladette Space after frustration from the lack of space to display her own artwork. Unlike 38b, the room usually has no domesticity and furniture is removed to recreate the usual white cube experience.

Explore Ladette Space here.

The Old Police Station

The Old Police Station in Deptford provides not only 42 studios for artists to create their work, but also holding cells, interview rooms and shipping containers to exhibit it. Since being re-opened in 2009 by Anthony Gross, this unique gallery space has survived solely by its studios rental income which allows it to broadcast artistic concepts of all kinds.

Witness the Old Police Station here.

Can you think of anymore secret London galleries we have missed? Let us know in the comments!

Joe Graham

Joe Graham

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