How Important Is Work Experience At University?

28th March 2014 Joe Graham Careers and Finance

Why is work experience important?

Why is work experience important? Work experience is something that any student should already have or at least be getting by the time they start their BA. With employment levels being as low as they are graduates need to be separating themselves from crowd and have stand out C.Vs that are going to attract future employers in to hiring them for their future career. This is a list of not only why you should get work experience but also the importance of work experience. Work experience is not just important, it’s near essential if you want to stand any chance of getting a job when you graduate.

Why You Should get Work Experience

See if it’s the right career for you
Use the opportunity to gain experience as a try before you buy kind of deal. After all your hard work you might find you are working towards something you actually don’t enjoy. You’ll still receive credit for work experience, but you’ll also know what you want from your career. To prevent disappointment or wasting your own time, you should try work experience.

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Earn a bit of money

Although most work experience in your chosen field won’t pay you, any kind of job you can get is experience in some way, shape or form. You should get a job if only for a bit of pocket money at the end of the week and the life experience that a job will give you. Why is work experience important? Employers will look kindly on you working throughout university.

Network and make some friends

With work experience you always have the possibility of meeting new employers, use this opportunity to learn, build some contacts and network with people who, one day, may employ you. Impress work experience employers enough and you never know you may have a job when you graduate. Otherwise make a few friends while you’re there, it can’t hurt!



Why you need Work Experience

A degree is not enough
The highest degree can only take you so far, employers will not be interested in a C.V. without any work experience on it. The importance of work experience shows you can work in the environment you have applied for.

Employers will appreciate it
Employers will look more kindly on C.V.s with work experience on them. They are more likely to trust you and offer you the chance to an interview if they can see that you would be a suitable and hardworking employee

Alternatively, do something for yourself.
If you don’t want to get work experience, or can’t get work experience you should get out there and do something yourself. Create work experience for yourself by starting a small business or community group. Why is work experience important? Employers see ingenuity, bravery and an intrepid attitude in people who are going out on their own, and making something for themselves. If you have an idea try and get some funding from your university and put it to good use.

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Joe Graham

Joe Graham

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