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Banging headache? Cold sweats? Lack of energy? If this sounds like you, you’ve probably come down with a case of the dreaded freshers’ flu. Despite not being an actual flu, more like a bad cold, you’ll still feel as if you want to hole up for a week and not see a soul. Most likely, you’ll knock back two paracetamol, throw down a Lemsip and prove to your new flatmates that you’re made of sterner stuff. The following morning you’ll realise this can’t go on and you’ll start frantically googling how to stay healthy at uni. The best way is to make sure you’re signed up to student health services.

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Student Health Services in London

If you’ve never before lived away from your family, you’ve probably never had to sign up to a GP surgery or dental practice. You may think it’s a long-winded process, however this couldn’t be further from the truth. But still, with so many other exciting experiences on your doorstep, signing up to the right student health services is probably at the bottom of your priority list.

Fast forward a couple of weeks, and you’ll most likely have been hit with a bout of something not-so-nice. You’ll quickly realise you should have signed up to a GP surgery before you became ill. So, get ahead of the game and use the London NHS GP Service Finder to find your nearest surgery and sign up now.

You’ll need photo identification and your address details. If you’re an international student, you’ll most likely need your passport and a letter from your university proving you are who you say you are.

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You should also do the same for a dentist. Don’t wait until you’ve cracked a tooth trying to open a bottle of beer with your molars, sign up now. The NHS Find a Dentist Service allows you to search for your nearest practice via postcode.

It’s also beneficial to consider your university’s student health services. These can range from clinics around sexual health to vaccinations and travel advice. Often including registered NHS doctors, nurses and pharmacists, they are a great way of staying healthy while at university.

Check out our guide at the bottom of this page for student health services at a range of London universities. If your university doesn’t feature, check out your university website for more information.

Student Health Services for International Students

If you’re moving to the UK for university study, there are a few things you need to know about UK healthcare. First, you’ll be required to pay the health surcharge. This grants you access to the full NHS service, regardless of the extent of any illnesses or accidents.

You’ll also need to sign up to a local GP practice and dental surgery. Make sure you take your passport and proof of study when you are registering. See the Student Health Service Resources section for more information.

Student Health – The Most Common Problems

Student health is one of the most overlooked concerns before arriving at university. A month in, it’s probably all you’ll be thinking about, but you may be one of the few that find themselves under the weather within the first four weeks of university. Most are also unprepared, having not yet considered how to access student health services in London.

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At most, you’ll have picked up a pack of paracetamol and a tub of Beroccas. Don’t get us wrong, they are great for curing a hangover, but for real health issues, you need to make sure you can access professional student health services.

In new environments, especially those where there are lots of new people close to each other, immune systems are put under strain. Here are some of the most common student health issues you can expect to encounter:

– Freshers flu
– Stress, anxiety & depression
– Meningitis, Measles, & Mumps
– Irregular sleep
– Sexually transmitted diseases
– Weight gain/loss
– Accident related injuries

Student Health Service Resources

General Resources:

NHS London GP Service Finder
NHS Find a Dentist Service
NHS Mental Health Services

University Specific Student Health Services:

KCL Health Service – Make sure to register for the King’s NHS Health Centre located in the Strand campus. You can do this online and access a full NHS service dedicated to King’s students and staff.

UCL Health Advice – Take advantage of the free of charge health and wellbeing tours ran by The Hive. These tours show you the various student health services near the UCL Bloomsbury Campus.

LSE Healthcare – Expand each section to find out all you need to know on finding healthcare as an LSE student.

Middlesex Support Hub – Visit the Support Hub for advice on counselling, childcare, religious needs, health and personal safety.

Brunel University Medical Centre – Check out the medical centre web page for advice on opening hours and out-of-hours appointments.

City, University of London Health Centre – Visit this link for information on City University’s student health services, from opening times to contact details and the resident Nurse Adviser.

University of the Arts London Health Advice – Find out how to book appointments, attend drop in sessions, as well as local GP practices, dentists and opticians.

London South Bank Health and Wellbeing – The health and wellbeing centre at London South Bank can help with everything from religious support to mental health and wellbeing. They also can advise on you on vaccinations and registering for a GP.

University of East London Student Support – Visit this page for advice and guidance on everything from your health and wellbeing to childcare and disability support.

University of Westminster Student Health – This nurse run health service provides treatments and advice for most illnesses and injuries. Visit their page for advice on appointments, drop in services and any emergencies.

London Metropolitan Health and Wellbeing – Visit the London Metropolitan Health and Wellbeing page for advice on counselling, personal development and healthy living.

Remember, if you’re university has not featured here, you’ll be able to find more information by visiting your university website. Also, be sure to see our full range of London student accommodation.

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