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Regent’s University London is one of the younger universities in London, being founded in 1985 and only gaining university status in 2013. This private university is known for its supportive and personal environment for studying.

urbanest and Regent’s have been working together to provide students at this university some of the best accommodation. All our buildings offer easy access to Regent’s, with a wide range of facilities and a support team member on-site 24/7, our luxury student accommodation offer the best place to stay for your studies.

There’s never been a better time to take a look at student accommodation, get in touch with one of our team for more information.

24/7 On-site support

24/7 On-site support

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St Pancras Common room Space to be Social

Space to be Social

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Regent's University London, Inner Circle, Regent's Park, London, NW1 4NS

Regent’s University London Student Accommodation

Been accepted to Regents? Finding the best accommodation is now a priority. At urbanest, we’ve been providing high-quality student accommodation since 2008, so we know a thing or two about what you need as a student. London is easy to get across, so all our accommodation is suitable for Regent’s, but we have a couple of buildings that are within walking distance from the campus.

urbanest St Pancras

Our St Pancras student accommodation is just 1.9 miles from Regent’s, so you can walk to your university campus in about 40 minutes. This accommodation is on the banks of the historic Regent’s canal, in a peaceful area of London.

St Pancras room types

In our St Pancras accommodation, you have a variety of room types to choose from. Whether you want a more social experience, or need a quieter room for your studies, we have options for you. All our rooms come with a memory foam mattress and underfloor heating, so you’ll be comfy and warm throughout your stay.

Our private and ensuite rooms are popular with 1st years. These rooms give you a private space to sleep and work within a shared flat. You have access to a communal kitchen and dining room, which you share with other students. If you’re a first-year, this is a great way to get to know people and make long-lasting friendships from your university life.

A studio apartment is a great choice if you need privacy. In these apartments, you have your own kitchen with a hob, microwave, and fridge/freezer. These rooms are perfect for postgraduate students that often find their studies more demanding and so need to live and work on their own time.

In between these two options are our twin rooms. These rooms can be shared between two friends, and you have your own kitchen to share, plus your own bed and study area. The twin rooms are also a cost-effect accommodation choice.

St Pancras facilities

Just like all our student accommodation, St Pancras is finished to a high standard, and you have access to a range of facilities. In the building, you will find a laundry room, plus super-fast Wi-Fi throughout the building.

Safety is a top priority for our accommodation too. That’s why you’ll find a support team member on-site 24/7, CCTV, and you can only access the building with an electronic key fob.

For meeting people, St Pancras has plenty of opportunities for work and play. On the 7th floor, you will find a large communal area with a TV, pool table, and table football. For studying, you can use the study room on the ground floor.

Benefits of St Pancras

Our St Pancras Regent’s University student accommodation is not only within easy reach of your campus but is also in a great location for London as a whole. Close by are St Pancras and King’s Cross stations which give you access to the underground, plus the national rail service which allows you to explore the rest of the UK.

Just a 10-minute walk from the building is the famous Camden Town and its markets. Being on the canal also means you have access to natural places right in the heart of London. Along the towpath, you will also find Granary Square, which is known for its restaurants and bars.

Place Distance Tube Cycle Bus Walk
Regent’s University 1.9 miles 13 mins 38 mins 39 mins
Kings Cross – St Pancras Underground Station 0.6 miles 3 mins 10 mins
Charles Dickens Museum 1.3 miles 23 mins 10 mins 26 mins 27 mins
London Canal Museum 0.8 miles 15 mins 16 mins 15 mins 16 mins
The British Library 0.9 miles 10 mins 6 mins 10 mins 17 mins
St Pancras International Rail Terminal

urbanest King’s Cross

Located in the lively King’s Cross Quarter, our King’s Cross student accommodation is just 2.3 miles from Regent’s University. This means you can walk to your campus in under an hour.

King’s Cross room types

There are three types of rooms to choose from in our King’s Cross accommodation: ensuite rooms, studio apartments, and luxury studio apartments. Each of these room types has underfloor heating, so no matter weather you will be lovely and warm inside. The rooms also have double-insulated walls, so even though the accommodation is in a lively area, once you shut your door you won’t hear a thing.

For those that want privacy, the studios are the best choice. These are popular with postgraduates, as you have everything you need in one place. You can cook, work, relax and sleep in one space, at your own pace. But you won’t be lonely, as you still have access to the communal areas in the building.

If you want more of a social experience the ensuite rooms in shared apartments are perfect for meeting other students. In your room, you have your own private study area, but the kitchen and dining area are shared with other students. This room is great for first-years who often come to university on their own.

King’s Cross facilities

Our King’s Cross accommodation has 2 social areas where you can meet other students in the building. The 13th floor has a huge lounge with a TV, comfy seats and great views of London. For studying, there is a mezzanine area that has private, semi-private and communal work areas. Even the reception area offers social areas in the form of 2 lounges and table tennis.

When it comes to practical considerations, King’s Cross has a support member on site 24 hours a day, CCTV, and superfast Wi-Fi. There’s also laundry facilities and bike storage available, plus you can borrow our fold-up bikes free of charge.

Benefits of King’s Cross

Not only is our King’s Cross accommodation within easy reach of Regent’s, but you can also get around London and the UK easily from this location. Not far from the building is King’s Cross and St Pancras stations. Here you can get across London on the tube, access the National rail network and even catch the Eurostar to get to the continent. At King’s Cross station you will also find Platform 9 ¾, though we haven’t figured out how to access the Hogwarts Express yet!

There’s also loads of things to do in King’s Cross so you don’t need to go far if you don’t want to. The King’s Cross Quarter is known for its clubs, bars, and restaurants. You’re also close to the British Library, Camley Street Natural Park, and a wealth of museums and galleries.

Place Distance Tube Cycle Bus Walk
Regent’s University 2.3 miles 32 mins 16 mins 33 mins 46 mins
King’s Cross St Pancras Underground Station 0.7 miles 5 mins 10 mins 14 mins
St Pancras Eurostar 0.4 miles 2 mins 4 mins 8 mins
Oxford Circus 2.4 miles 20 mins 16 mins 35 mins 49 mins
St Pancras International Station 0.6 miles 4 mins 11 mins 12 mins
The British Library 1.0 mile 9 mins 13 mins 20 mins
Camino King’s Cross 0.7 miles 7 mins 8 mins 13 mins
Egg London 0.1 mile 2 mins 4 mins
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