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Situated primarily in Bloomsbury, Birkbeck university is a world-leading institution attended by students of all academic fields from around the world. The university happens to be part of the prestigious ‘University of London’, featuring institutions such as UCL and King’s, and provides exceptional teaching and education to forward-thinking individuals.

If you’re looking for Birkbeck student accommodation, our St Pancras accommodation will make for the perfect location. Situated only 1.5 miles outside of the main campus, it’s just a stone throw away from essential transport links, jaw-dropping attractions, and our neighbouring King’s Cross Accommodation. A simple 22-minute journey on the Piccadilly Line is all it takes to get you from point A to B. However, if you’re an avid cyclist, the journey can be done in as little as 11 minutes.

With over 300 bedrooms ranging in features and size, there is plenty to choose from if you’re interested in this luxury student accommodation for postgraduates and undergraduates. Studios, en-suite flats, and 2-3 student shares are all available in this location, all fitted with state-of-the-art memory foam mattresses to maximise comfort and minimise sleep disturbance. With a spacious living area, sufficient storage, and a plethora of additional features to match, choosing St Pancras for your Birkbeck Accommodation is the best decision to make before you start your studies.

To claim a spot in Birkbeck university accommodation, fill in the form above.  Pop into the accommodation between 10am-6pm and we’ll give you a personal viewing. Alternatively, you can request a virtual viewing.

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urbanest St Pancras

urbanest St Pancras

Private Rooms

Private Rooms

24/7 On-Site Support Team

24/7 On-Site Support Team

Communal Study And Relaxing Areas

Communal Study And Relaxing Areas

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Urbanest St Pancras

St Pancras accommodation is the closest Urbanest location to the main campus at Bloomsbury. At just 1.5 miles outside the campus, traveling to and from the University has never been easier. By train/tube, you can expect a 22 minute journey; for bus, a 27 minute journey; and for bike, just an 11 minute journey. If none of those option work for you or you want to save a bit of money, even walking is an option if you have 30 minutes to spare – an excellent choice if you need some fresh air and sunshine.

St Pancras Transport Links

Whether you’re looking to get to class or explore what London has to offer, you’ll be able to get to where you need via the King’s Cross St Pancras Underground Station. Here, you get access to 6 essential lines, including the Grand Central, Victoria, Northern, and Piccadilly. With these at your fingertips, seeing the sights has never been simpler. If you’re feeling a little adventurous or looking for a weekend away, this station has access to the Eurostar for quick European getaways. You’ll never find yourself short of things to do in this Urbanest accommodation.

What Can You Do in St Pancras?

There’ll come a time when you have to venture outside your accommodation and see the attractions London has to offer. There is plenty to do in and around St Pancras. You don’t have to travel far to take advantage of this magnificent city.

If museums and history are your passion, check out the variety of museums around the St Pancras area. The Charles Dickens museum is only a 20 minute train journey away and the London Canal Museum is even closer. Are animals more your thing? Well, the Grant Museum of Zoology is just 24 minutes down the road. With all these institutes at arm’s length, becoming a history buff has never been easier.

If you love to delve deep into a good book, why not visit The British Library – it’s only 11 minutes away. With over 400 miles of book shelves, including the original Magna Carter and handwritten Beatles lyrics, this location can provide hours of fun and exploration.

As well as museums and libraries, exclusive bars and restaurants are situated right at your doorstep. You won’t need to travel far for a well deserved pint or a fine dining experience!

Place Distance Tube Cycle Bus Walk
Birkbeck Main Campus 1.5 miles 22 mins 11 mins 30 mins 30 mins
Kings Cross – St Pancras Underground Station 0.6 miles 3 mins 10 mins
Charles Dickens Museum 1.3 miles 23 mins 10 mins 26 mins 27 mins
London Canal Museum 0.8 miles 15 mins 16 mins 15 mins 16 mins
The British Library 0.9 miles 10 mins 6 mins 10 mins 17 mins
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