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London Metropolitan University Accommodation

The merger of the University of North London and the London Guildhall University in 2002 created the London Metropolitan University, commonly known as London Met. Welcoming over 10,00 students a year, with six schools spread over two campuses, this fairly young university is a great place to study.

Our student accommodation in London offers two locations within easy reach of the main campus in Islington, where you will also find the students’ union. Our accommodation is also close to the centre of London, so you can be close to your campus and the main sights of the capital too, giving you the best of both worlds.

Read on for more information about our student accommodation near London Met, or get in touch with one of the team to book a room.

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Private En-Suites

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London Metropolitan University Accommodation

Once you’ve been accepted into your university of choice, it’s time to find some great accommodation nearby. At urbanest, we have been providing student accommodation for London Met students for years. So you can be sure we know just what students need to make the most of their accommodation. You’ll want somewhere to study, socialise, and feel at home. Our high-quality London Met accommodation is great value for money, secure and perfectly located for your university campus.

urbanest King’s Cross

Our closest student accommodation to London Metropolitan University is urbanest King’s Cross. At just 1.4 miles from the London Met campus, this student accommodation is also well-connected with the rest of London.

King’s Cross Room Types

At this London Metropolitan Uni accommodation, you have the choice of three room types. All rooms have underfloor heating, a memory foam mattress and lots of storage, so you can be sure you’ll be comfortable in our rooms.

If you are coming to university on your own and want to mix with other London Met students, our En-Suite Rooms offer you privacy and sociability. These rooms are in a shared apartment, with eight other rooms. You share a large kitchen and living area, where you can meet others in your flat, but your room is a private area for you to relax and study.

If you’d like a little more privacy, our Studio Apartments and Luxury Studio Apart-ments have everything you need in a private apartment. These come with great views of the city and cooking facilities. But you won’t be lonely, you still have access to the communal areas of the building.

King’s Cross Facilities

Each room at our London Metropolitan University accommodation is designed with student needs in mind. Double insulated walls, super-fast broadband and a built-in desk ensure you have the perfect place to study in your room.

You can also be sure that you will be safe and secure in our London Met accommoda-tion at King’s Cross. There is a member of the team on site 24/7, and you can only access the building with a key fob. Plus, there is CCTV throughout, as security is at the forefront of our accommodation.

Socialising is an important part of student life, and our buildings will make sure you don’t miss out, even if you are in a private apartment. On the 13th floor, you will find the main common room, which has a TV and comfy seating. The perfect area to mix with other London Met students. Even the reception area can make a great place to socialise, as here you will find two lounge areas and table tennis.

Benefits of King’s Cross

Our King’s Cross student accommodation for London Metropolitan University stu-dents is not just in a great location for the main campus but is in a well-connected part of London too. You will find King’s Cross and St Pancras stations just a few minutes’ walk away. These stations give you access to the underground and so various areas of London, but also the national rail service, so you can explore other areas of the UK on weekends. And don’t forget to find Platform 9 ¾ at King’s Cross.

Our London Met Uni accommodation at King’s Cross is located in the King’s Cross Quarter, which is a lively area with bars, clubs, and restaurants, so you will find plen-ty to do in the evening. During the day, you are also close to the British Library, Lon-don Zoo and more. Check out our post on things to do King’s Cross for more ideas.

Place Distance Tube Cycle Bus Walk
London Met Main Campus – Holloway Road 1.4 miles 19 mins 10 mins 24 mins 27 mins
King’s Cross St Pancras Underground Station 0.7 miles 5 mins 10 mins 14 mins
St Pancras Eurostar 0.4 miles 2 mins 4 mins 8 mins
Oxford Circus 2.4 miles 20 mins 16 mins 35 mins 49 mins
St Pancras International Station 0.6 miles 4 mins 11 mins 12 mins
The British Library 1.0 mile 9 mins 13 mins 20 mins
Camino King’s Cross 0.7 miles 7 mins 8 mins 13 mins
Egg London 0.1 mile 2 mins 4 mins
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urbanest Hoxton

A little further away, at 2 miles from the London Metropolitan campus, urbanest Hoxton is still a great choice. Just a 20-minute journey on the tube, you will find yourself in easy reach of London Met and central London.

Hoxton Room Types

All our London Met accommodation is built to a high standard, and our rooms at Hoxton are no exception. At this location, you have a variety of rooms to choose from, but all have underfloor heating, comfy memory foam mattress, and study areas, so you can be sure you’ll be warm, cosy and able to study in your room.

If you’re coming to London Met on your own and are looking to make life-long friends, our En-Suite Rooms make a great choice. In these rooms you share a flat with 5 other people, sharing a kitchen and lounge for when you want to socialise. Then you have the privacy of your own room for studying and relaxing, you literally have the best of both worlds!

For those that want more privacy our Studio Apartments, which are perfect for post-grads that may want more alone time for studying. These apartments have their own cooking facilities, so you can study, cook, and sleep all in one space.

Another London Metropolitan University accommodation option is a private room in a two-person flat. This is the halfway point between the En-Suite Rooms and Studio Apartments. These private rooms share a kitchen and bathroom between just you and one other person, so are perfect if you have a friend you want to share with and make great value for money if you want to save some cash.

Hoxton Facilities

Our London Met accommodation buildings are all built to a high standard, with student living in mind. With an on-site gym, laundry room, supermarket, and café, you don’t’ even have to leave the building to look after yourself if you are hard at work.

When it comes to your studies, there are communal work areas, as well as your own room. The building has super-fast Wi-Fi throughout, so wherever you choose to study in the building, the internet won’t let you down.

If you want to make sure you get a social experience during your time at London Met, our Hoxton accommodation also has you covered. On the 7th floor, you will find a roof terrace that not only offers incredible views of London, but also a great social space. Inside there is also a communal area with a TV.

Safety is often at the forefront of students’ minds when they are heading to Uni, and our London Met accommodation is safe and secure. With CCTV and a team member on-site 24/7, we take your security and safety seriously.

Benefits of Hoxton

Staying at our Hoxton accommodation as a London Met student, not only means you are close to your campus, but also offers a variety of additional benefits. This London Metropolitan University accommodation is found in an area celebrated for its Indie art community and makes a great base for exploring the rest of London.

This London Met student accommodation is close to Shoreditch, which is a lively, bustling area. However, the Hoxton building is in a quieter area, so you don’t have to worry about the city noise when you’re trying to study. There are also plenty of things to do in Hoxton, including old markets and art galleries.

If you want to explore London further, at this London Met accommodation you are just a five-minute walk from Old Street tube station. This underground station gives you access to the Northern Line, which can get you to areas such as Charing Cross and London Bridge.

Place Distance Tube Cycle Bus Walk
London Met Main Campus – Holloway Road 2.0 miles 25 mins 11 mins 23 mins 40 mins
Old Street Underground Station 0.3 miles 2 mins 5 mins
Columbia Road Flower Market   1 mile 18 mins 7 mins 18 mins 20 mins
Shoreditch High Street  0.8 miles 11 mins 5 mins 11 mins 16 mins
Brick Lane Market 0.9 miles 22 mins 8 mins 24 mins 24 mins
Hoxton Square 0.5 miles 2 mins 9 mins
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