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Queen Mary University of London has become one of the UK’s leading research universities since it opened its doors in 1785. At urbanest, we are proud to provide QMUL accommodation for both undergraduates and postgraduates within close distance of all the main points on campus.

Our urbanest Tower Bridge accommodation is only 2 miles away from the Queen Mary campus, meaning you can arrive at your lecture after a quick 18-minute tube ride, or a leisurely 30 minute walk on a sunny day. This accommodation is also close to a number of things to do in London. For example, Whitechapel Gallery or the Tower of London when you fancy a day of sightseeing.

Urbanest Hoxton is our second closest property for QMUL students, at just 30 minutes away on the tube. This Queen Mary student accommodation is also close to the famous Old Spitalfields market for a day you fancy shopping, or Shoreditch Park for study breaks in the sun.

Both properties offer a range of student rooms, from a simple private room to your own studio apartment. All residents can expect access to a 24/7 on site team as well as luxury facilities such as underfloor heating, a shower room and a fully equipped kitchen.

To book this QMUL accommodation, please fill in our booking form. If you would like to visit any urbanest property before booking, simply drop in between 10am – 6pm Monday – Friday or arrange a virtual viewing here.

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urbanest Hoxton

urbanest Hoxton

24/7 On-Site Support

24/7 On-Site Support

urbanest Tower Bridge Facilities

urbanest Tower Bridge Facilities

Studio Apartments

Studio Apartments

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Urbanest Tower Bridge

Our closest student accommodation for QMUL, urbanest Tower Bridge is just 2 miles from the main points of campus, meaning you can be within the student bubble with just an 18-minute tube. For example, Mile End Campus, Whitechapel Campus, Charterhouse Square Campus and QMUL Students’ Union are all less than a 40-minute walk away, or 20 minutes on the underground. As well as this, the property is in the heart of London, meaning the main attractions of the city are just on your doorstep.

Tower Bridge Transport Links

Urbanest Tower Bridge is just a 4-minute walk from Tower Hill underground station, which lets you get to main stations such as Westminster or Embankment in minutes via the circle and district line. London Fenchurch Street station is also just 5 minutes’ walk away. This is allows you to access the national rail system, to visit any cities across the UK for days where you’d like to venture further afield.

Things To Do Near Tower Bridge

In terms of food and drink, there are a plethora of nearby restaurants and bars. For example, Italian restaurant Lazio is less than a minute from your accommodation. The Tobacco Dock is also just 19 minutes’ walk away and boasts several food and drink events during the summer months.

Urbanest Tower Bridge Facilities

As well as a fantastic location, urbanest Tower Bridge boasts top notch facilities. QMUL students can expect superfast broadband, underfloor heating and a luxury shower room in every room. Rooms vary from a shared flat with en-suite to a large studio apartment perfect for postgraduates, meaning there is something to suit all budgets and needs.

Place Distance Tube Cycle Bus Walk
Mile End Campus (QMUL) 2.0 miles 19 mins 12 mins 22 mins 39 mins
Whitechapel Campus (QMUL) 1.0 mile 15 mins 8 mins 15 mins 20 mins
Charterhouse Square Campus (QMUL) 2.2 miles 18 mins 12 mins 22 mins 34 mins
Lincoln’s Inn Field Campus (QMUL) 2.2 miles 19 mins 15 mins 26 mins 44 mins
West Smithfield Campus (QMUL) 1.4 miles 15 mins 11 mins 17 mins 29 mins
QMUL Student Union 2.0 miles 20 mins 11 mins 21 mins 39 mins
Tower of London 0.4 miles 5 mins 10 mins 8 mins
Whitechapel Gallery 0.5 miles 8 mins 5 mins 10 mins
Old Spitalfields Market 0.7 miles 6 mins 10 mins 14 mins
London Bridge 0.8 miles 7 mins 15 mins 16 mins
Find A Room!

Find A Room!

Urbanest Hoxton

Our second Queen Mary University Accommodation is urbanest Hoxton. All major points of campus are less than 30 minutes on the tube. For example, Charterhouse Square campus is just 21 minutes away on the underground, whereas Lincoln’s Inn Field or West Smithfield are just 24 minutes away.

Hoxton Transport Links

Urbanest Hoxton is just a 5 minute walk from Old Street Station which is on the Northern Line. This allows you to get across London in minutes, stopping at central locations such as London Bridge, Euston and King’s Cross St Pancras without changing. King’s Cross St Pancras is also home to the Eurostar. So if you fancy a weekend in exploring Europe you can easily get to Paris, Amsterdam or Brussels in a few hours via train.

Things to do near Hoxton

Urbanest Hoxton boasts a lot of things to do, as well as many hidden places where you can relax when you want to avoid the London bustle. For example, spend days in the sun relaxing at Shoreditch Park, which is just 7 minutes walk away. Or take a 20 minute walk to the Columbia Road Flower market to take in floral sights and smells.

For a day of sightseeing, the Whitechapel gallery is just 15 minutes via bus or a 30-minute walk away, this hosts a range of exhibitions from famous and upcoming artists. Finally, nightlife in Hoxton is also thriving. The Queen of Hoxton, for example, is a bar, nightclub and roof terrace which is just 16 minutes’ walk from your door.

Urbanest Hoxton Facilities

Finally, this Queen Mary student accommodation also offers a range of rooms at various prices to suit all students. This includes a private room, an en-suite, a studio apartment and an even larger studio apartment. Whichever room you opt for, you can also make use of the communal study and relaxation spaces, such as the gaming area or the gym & exercise room.

Place Distance Tube Cycle Bus Walk
Mile End Campus (QMUL) 2.8 miles 30 mins 18 mins 39 mins 53 mins
Whitechapel Campus (QMUL) 2.0 miles 25 mins 12 mins 29 mins 37 mins
Charterhouse Square Campus (QMUL) 2.0 miles 21 mins 10 mins 22 mins 24 mins
Lincoln’s Inn Field Campus (QMUL) 2.0 miles 24 mins 13 mins 21 mins 41 mins
West Smithfield Campus (QMUL) 1.7 miles 24 mins 8 mins 15 mins 26 mins
QMUL Student Union 2.9 miles 29 mins 17 mins 37 mins 55 mins
Shoreditch High Street 0.8 miles 5 mins 11 mins 16 mins
Old Spitalfields Market 1.1 miles 6 mins 16 mins 22 mins
Whitechapel Gallery 1.5 miles 20 mins 8 mins 20 mins 30 mins
Queen of Hoxton 0.8 miles 5 mins 8 mins 16 mins
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