The Urbanest Guide to Student Accommodation

Make your student accommodation a safe haven from stress

This category features everything you need to know about your student accommodation. Whether it’s the easiest way to get around from your area, how to personalise your student room or how to deal with frustrating flatmates, we’ve got it covered.

We believe your university accommodation is your safe haven from all the stress and difficulties student life brings, so we want to help you make the most of your room and your student flat or house. That’s why we provide advice and tips and tricks so you can enjoy student life in the UK’s capital city and make your room and living situation as comfortable as possible.

At The Journal, we’ve been where you are and know all the trial and tribulations of student life, especially when you’re thrown into accommodation with complete strangers. To add to our own advice, we regularly reach out to experts, from interior designers or psychologists, to give further thoughts on how make the most of accommodation for students.

Browse through all our articles to find solutions and advice. The topics covered include how to get around Westminster, how to declutter your student accommodation and how to split the house bills without confrontation. Whether you want advice on anything from how to befriend new flatmates to the best colour schemes for your bedroom, we aim to cater to all of your accommodation needs.

To find more useful content relating to life as a student, check out our other categories. These include Study, Careers & Finance, London Life and News & Events. Or simply click on an article to read our accommodation-related advice.

What To Do About Second Year Accommodation

University can be a challenging time, with a lot of change. You’ll have already moved away from home, and this may have involved moving to an entirely different... Read more

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The Best Things To Do Within A Mile of Urbanest Hoxton

Urbanest Hoxton is without doubt in one of the cultural hubs of London. With the area drawing creatives, artists, foodies and travellers from all over the world, we... Read more

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7 Students You Are Bound To Meet At Uni [Infographic]

Although you’re often told it will be the best three years of your life, arriving at university can be a daunting experience. With an eclectic mix of characters... Read more

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How To Make The Perfect Roast Dinner

Roast dinners are notoriously hard to make. There are so many components that it’s hard to get the timing right. When do I need to put the potatoes... Read more

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7 Fun Facts of Uni Life All Students Can Relate To

They say university is the best three years of your life and while it is no doubt full of highs, you’ll be no stranger to the occasional inconvenience.... Read more

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Flat Sharing 101: How To Make The Most Of Flat Shares

There are many pros and cons of sharing a flat amongst university students, but there are a few golden rules that one must remember in order to thrive.... Read more

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How To Personalise Your Accommodation Without Moving Everything You Own

After the excitement of opening the letter offering you a place to your chosen University, the glee at crossing the threshold into your campus, and the anticipation of choosing... Read more

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The Ultimate Guide To Student Accommodation Etiquette

Many of the most memorable moments at university are spent in shared accommodation. From kitchen parties to game nights in hallways, student accommodation is the portal through which... Read more

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7 Exciting Drinking Games Ranked from Worst to Best

Pre-drinks has started, everyone seems a little too sober and no one can think of any good drinking games to get the party going. Coming up with something... Read more

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Top 7 Most Common Flatmate Problems Solved

Whether you’re sharing a house, a flat or even a room, living with someone you barely know is very likely to cause some problems. Most of the time... Read more

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