10 Reasons Why Student Accommodation Is Perfect For You

17th November 2014 Joe Graham Accommodation Basics, London Life

If you’re heading to uni soon and are making up your mind regarding where you’re going to live, student accommodation is usually one of the first things you’ll think about.

Moving into halls is one of the best experiences ever, and here are 10 reasons why it’s the perfect choice.

1. It’s the ideal way to immerse yourself into student life

Many people who live at home when studying will have to work a bit harder to make the most of uni life, whereas if you’re in student accommodation, student life is all around you

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2. You get to meet loads of people in the same position as you

You’ll meet people potentially from all over the globe who know nothing about you, who are in the same position as you and are likely to become firm friends for years to come.

3. Living independently from your parents is a great experience

Moving out of your childhood home can feel really daunting, but it’s the best way to learn loads of valuable life lessons, from managing your finances to maturing emotionally and of course how to work the washing machine.

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4. You’ll learn so much about yourself

It can be a tough experience that will require you to be a little strong at times, but you’ll learn that you can do it. It will also teach you a lot about yourself in terms of how you handle situations and what you’re like to live with, too.

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5. It’s the perfect setting to try new things

It will be a completely new experience that will pave the way for trying a whole host of new things, from different hobbies to different recipes. You can get your housemates involved on some of them as well.

6. There’s always something going on

There’s a great social scene at the majority of student halls so there’s always something going on, which is perfect if you’re a social butterfly and want to make the most of your uni time, in terms of getting out there and having fun!

7. You get your own space

You’ll have your own room and perhaps things like your own bathroom too, which is ideal for studying and just generally spending some time to yourself.

8. There are loads of advantages of student halls over housing

Another option you may have thought about includes student housing, but student halls are generally regarded as a better idea for your fresher’s year as you won’t have to think about things like bills and insurance as they’re usually included in the price of the rent.

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9. There are great ones out there with amazing facilities

Depending on the one you opt for, there will be a whole host of amazing amenities from great living equipment to things like games rooms and gyms.

10. It can be surprisingly affordable, and well worth the investment

A lot of companies will offer things like payment plans which can help make it much more affordable, but it’s worth remembering that for everything you get, it’s usually almost always worth the investment.

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