10 Things Every Student Needs To Make University Awesome

18th September 2017 Chris Clark Accommodation, London Life

University students

No matter where you go and what you study, it’s fairly safe to say that university will easily be the best 3 years of your life. However, if you want to amplify that even more, or are getting ready to go to university and want some inspiration for things to take with you, we’ve got it covered.

1. An NUS card

Take advantage of the whole host of high street stores that offer at least a 10% discount on their retail prices by investing in an NUS student card. Even a few restaurants offer deals when you show your card, too.

2. A fancy dress supply

After all, you will most likely be able to count the number of times you’ve gone out in normal clothes on one hand at the end of the year, so a healthy fancy dress supply is a must. Super hero theme, anyone?

3. A good cookbook

Avoid being another rubbish cook student stereotype and head to the kitchen armed with a decent student cookbook full of simple yet yummy meal ideas to wow your parents with.

4. Food delivery apps

…And as a reward at the end of the week for all of that slaving over a hot stove, a food delivery is a must so download and use the UK’s favourite food delivery apps (Deliveroo, Uber Eats, Just Eat) when you can’t face another slice of the lasagna you made a week ago

5. A onesie

We’re not sure what it is about students and onesies, but all we know is that it’s a match to rival Romeo and Juliet. Oh, and that we want one. Now.

Girl in onesie

6. A student railcard

When it comes to visiting home, you’ll want to do it as cheaply as possible and last time we checked, train tickets weren’t cheap. Therefore investing in a student railcard will feel like a lifesaver as it entitles you to 30% off standard prices. Or, if you live further away than that, it will at least give you the chance to explore your new country at a fraction of the price!

7. First aid kit

No student house in London or any other place for that matter should be without a decent supply of things like plasters and paracetamols, so stock up…especially for freshers week!

8. Playing cards

The ultimate fail-safe option for a last minute party; a pack of playing cards. They instantly become a life saver as you can play endless drinking games with them with no preparation which will leave your guests impressed (and drunk).

9. A camera

Sure we’ve all got cameras on our phones but nothing beats a proper camera to give us ‘proper’ photos at the end of uni. Keep your camera handy at all times and document all the crazy things you get up to.

10. A ‘let’s go for it!’ attitude

The most important thing on the list – always be positive and have a ‘yes man’ (or woman) attitude to whatever is thrown at you. WARNING: may result in lots of fun.

Have we missed anything? Let us know in the comments!

Chris Clark

Chris Clark

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