40 Reasons Why Living In London Is Great

11th July 2013 Chris Clark Accommodation Basics, London Life

Lets face it, we know why is London so popular. We also know we provide the best London accommodation for the student market. But because we live here, we know exactly what makes it great. So we have St. Pauls Cathedral, Tower Bridge, and Buckingham palace… but there’s so much more than this. In 40 easy bites, we list multiple reasons why do people move to London!

Why is London so popular?

1. It has the most diverse music scenes anywhere in the world.

2. We think that building a huge dome, a giant ferris wheel, and a cable car across the Thames looks stupid on paper, but build it anyway

3. The Southbank and all its crazy events over the summer

4. Annual pillow fights in Trafalgar square

5. If you don’t like talking to people, great! …take the tube

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6. If you do like talking to people, great! …take a taxi

7. If you are asking “where should I live in London?” With Boris bikes, it doesn’t matter.

8. Like flowers? Columbia Road Flower Market is the place to be every Sunday!

9. Is London a good place to live? With the best West End musicals on show, we think so!

10. The Shard, The Gherkin, The Toaster, The walkie talkie (see below) and all the other strange named buildings

11. The Rooftop cinema club

12. Everywhere takes between 20 – 40 minutes to get to no matter who you are.

13. All the different Markets (Borough, Spitalfields, Brick Lane)

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14. An obvious reason why is London so popular…the Royal Family!

15. Just when you think you’ve seen it all, you find a new local hangout

16. The Circle line is the shape of a bottle

17. The Tate Modern

18. The Science Museum

19. The National Portrait Gallery

20. From small record shop to huge arena…There’s always a gig to go to.

20 A. And after the show, there’s an after party

20 B. And after the party there’s a hotel lobby

21. People defacing signs in tube trains. Another reason why is London so popular…

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22. Pop up shops

23. Coffee shops

24. Rough Trade, Phonica and other independent record shops

25. Hampstead Heath, Regent Park, Victoria Park, London Fields….Parks hidden everywhere…

26. The transport; Night buses, tube, trains. No where is out of reach.

27. Why do people move to London? If you need to go to Paris, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland? jump on the Euro-star!

28. The London Marathon

29. Sunday Roasts down the pub

30. You can sing in the rain, all year round

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31. The London underground is the most iconic underground network in the world

32. There are 5 airports to choose flights from

33. The tropical gardens on the top floor of the Barbican

34. Wi-Fi at underground stations

35. The views from any bridge along the Thames at night

36. 1 day music festivals (Lovebox, Field day, SW4, etc)

37. Is London a good place to live? Well, there are weird Vessels in the Thames and lakes from time to time. Such as a giant Michael Jackson, Mr Darcy, or massive rubber duck!

38. When a little bit of sun comes out everyone goes nuts, strips, and gets the BBQ out… not always in that order.

39. We love to complain

40. After hosting a great Olympics, Royal wedding, Diamond jubilee, winning the Tour de France, Wimbledon, Lions, and maybe win the Ashes…. We’ve now got nothing to complain about! ?!

So there you have it, 40 simple reasons why living in London is great. We could go on for ever on this topic (like watching awkward people on first dates at Gordon’s wine bar or Dalston’s roof top garden) but ideally we’d rather know what you think makes London great!? Also visit our student studios in London page.

Chris Clark

Chris Clark

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