6 Historic Sites To Visit In London If You’re A History Student

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The Big Smoke is packed full of a plethora of exciting and educational places to visit. Haunts such as galleries, museums, libraries and even local monuments are what has folks flocking from all over the world. Depending on your chosen degree, London has lots of places that can help you with your studies. This is especially true for history students. In the capital, you’re bound to find many places with an interesting story which dates back centuries. Here are our favourite 6 historic sites.

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Include Tower Bridge in your historic sites

As one of London’s most famous landmarks and historic sites, Tower Bridge also has an interesting history for students to marvel at. Since being built over 120 years ago, it’s been capable of lifting 2,000 tonnes of road. It took a whopping eight years and 432 construction workers to complete the bridge.  Now, it provides a fantastic opportunity to learn about Victorian engineering, not to mention architecture. Find out about the Tower Bridge exhibition here.

Tower of London

This historic castle is a must-see for any history boffins. It was founded in 1066 as part of the Norman conquest. Since then it has served as a royal palace and even a prison, with executions carried out in the north of the castle a long time ago. This castle is one to visit if you’re interested in the Norman conquest, any of the royal family, the Tudors and even the first and second world wars as the tower held prisoners of espionage. Not to mention, it currently holds the crown jewels. Visit the tower here.

The British Museum

Image of one of the historic sites in London; the British Museum

One of the most historic sites to visit is of course The British Museum. This exhibits human culture from the prehistoric era to modern day, including sites such as the Parthenon Frieze and the Rosetta Stone. If you’re particularly interested in Ancient Egypt this is one you’ll definitely enjoy. Find out a little more about what’s on here.

The London Dungeon

Founded in 1976, the London Dungeon is a major tourist attraction within the city. It involves an exhilarating experience similar to a haunted house with live actors and even rides. However, it also retells historical events, such as facts concerning the bubonic plague and the story of Jack the Ripper. It also includes a walk-through of medicinal history and medieval torture devices. Think you’re brave enough? Get a little more information here.

Lambeth Palace

Lambeth Palace is where the Archbishop of Canterbury lives, works and prays. It has an interesting and long history, with archbishops having resided here since the 13th century. Visitors can take a guided tour around the guard rooms, chapels and even the crypt. One of the towers also retains evidence of when it was used as a prison back in the 17th century. Find out more here.

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Hampton Court Royal Palace

Finally on our list of historic sites in London, is the Hampton Court Royal Palace. This is especially useful if you’re studying the Tudors as it was Henry VIII’s favourite residence. In fact, it is one of two surviving palaces owned by the king, the other being St James’s Palace. Nowadays you can tour the rooms, the 60 acres of gardens and the famous maze. Find out more here.

What are your favourite historic sites to visit in London? Let us know in the comments! You can also view student accommodation in London here.

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