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19th February 2021 Joe Graham Study

If you’re bored this summer or want a way to boost your academic skills, going to a London summer school in 2023 could be an excellent experience.

Summer schools in London make for a superb steppingstone into English culture. With London being a global city, international students can use summer schools to get a footing and prepare for a future career in their designated subject.

This guide will go through all the best summer schools in London. With this, you’ll be able to pick the best one for you based on your needs and academic preference.

King’s College London Summer School

Kings college London

King’s College London is a prestigious institution renowned for its academic reputation. King’s is a founding university and a member of the Federal University of London.

The King’s College Summer School holds just as high a reputation, offering classes in everything from Psychology to Economics. If you’re looking to further your learning, this is a summer school you should definitely look into.

If you’re in need of King’s College Accommodation, we have plenty of options to suit every need.

See the King’s College Summer School page for more information.

London School of Economics Summer School

LSE Summer School

Founded in 1895, the London School of Economics (LSE) is a prestigious institution with a strong focus on research. This university is part of the Federal University of London and has plenty of courses to offer.

If you’re interested in topics like law, business, economics, maths, and statistics, this the perfect summer school for you. If you’re looking to get into a STEM subject in 2021, taking a summer class could give you the application boost you need.

We also provide accommodation near to LSE, so if you’re interested in their summer program, get in contact for more information.

For more information about LSE’s summer programs, see their site.

Imperial College London Summer School

Imperial College London has an excellent summer school that is suited to a range of ages and skillsets. Imperial offer summer school classes to individuals under 18, in undergraduate studies, and in post graduate studies. No matter where you are in life, you have the opportunity to further your learning with Imperial.

If you’re looking to study here for university, taking a summer school course will give you further insight into Imperial life and provide you with the information to make a better decision.

Imperial offers courses in a range of fields, including biology, business strategy, machine learning, and much more.

We offer a range of options when it comes to Imperial College accommodation, helping you stay connected to the city and live comfortably when you’re engaging in your studies.

For more information see their website.

Dauphine London Summer School

The Dauphine London Université is part of the Paris Sciences et Lettres University – an institution specialising in social science, economics, and maths.

The summer schools here are superb and last anywhere from 2 to 6 weeks. When taking these programs, you have the opportunity to select from a range of studies, including finance, business, sustainability, and more.

All of their programs come with mentorship from highly qualified professionals, as well as workshops, networking events, and company visits.

See more about their programs here.

The London Studio Centre Summer School

London Studio Centre

The London Studio Centre offers a variety of summer programs for dancers. They offer intensive sessions taught by industry experts, allowing dancers to learn different techniques with expert coordination.

At the end of the program, dancers have the opportunity demonstrate what they’ve learnt. Groups and individuals are both welcome as well.

The classes that are offered include jazz, classical ballet, contemporary dance, and musical theatre. There is something for everybody with Studio Centre’s range of courses.

To learn more about their summer programs, see their page here.

Oxford Summer School

Oxford Summer School

Oxford is a household name and a University many would love to study at. Well now you can with one of Oxford’s exclusive summer programs.

Oxford University is hundreds of years old and is one of the best schools in the world. They offer tons of summer courses, ranging from AI to architecture. You can also study genetics, software development, and biotechnology.

Of course, with Oxford being so high-profile, the main problem with their summer school is actually getting in, as you’ll need excellent grades to participate.

However, if you manage to get yourself a spot, you can expect to be taught by expert Oxford Scholars and professionals. You’ll also meet like-minded students and make friends for life.

To read more about Oxford’s Summer program, see their page.

Central Saint Martins Summer School

Central Saint Martins offers a range of both short and long summer programs for those with an artistic flare. As a public arts college, they are part of the University of the Arts London.

If you’re interested in diving into the world of art and want a taste before you make a full university course-commitment, their summer programs are perfect for you.

They have over 500 courses on a range of different art subjects, including portfolio preparation, digital art, costume design, and tons more.

For more information on what you can do at Central Saint Martins, see their summer school page.

Why Go to a Summer School?

Summer school isn’t just about learning and academia. There are a ton of other benefits to going to summer school that many fail to realise.

If you need further evidence to push you in the direction of a summer school, here are a few reasons why you should attend.

To Further Academic Learning

Of course, one of the best reasons to attend a summer school is for the learning and education. If you’re thinking of going to a London Summer School, you can expect to be taught by experts in the field, who can provide you with a world-leading education in whatever subject you choose.

Many of the summer schools on this list also offer workshops, trips, and meetups. All helping to push you further and tighten your academic learnings.

To Give You an Edge When Applying to University

If you’re looking to apply to a good university in the new academic year, it could be advantageous to have a summer school on your application form or personal statement.

Attending a summer school can help you decide if the course you’re looking to choose is right for you. Additionally, if you do end up liking what you study, having that on your application can increase your perceived value as a candidate.

For the larger universities like Oxford and UCL, attending a summer school could make or break your application.

It Increases Confidence and Social Skills

Many summer schools are taken by international students, helping them to build confidence in a new country and adjust to a different way of life.

Cultures vary enormously, so trialling the City of London with a summer school can be an effective way to get a footing with the lifestyle.

As you work your way through the summer program, you’ll undoubtably learn new skills both socially and linguistically. You’ll naturally start to develop patterns and understand people better.

Summer schools can be a fantastic steppingstone, providing a safe place to explore and settle into London Life.

To Build Friendships for Life

Friendships from Summer School

You’re going to meet new people in these summer schools, and many of them will be friends for life.

People from all walks of life take these courses. Many who share similar passions and ambitions to yourself. As a result, you can be sure you’ll find friends quickly.

Many summer school students keep in touch even when the program has finished. If expanding your social circle and realising new connections is a goal of yours, summer school could be your quickest ticket.

Closing Thoughts

Summer schools are a superb way to experience a new culture, learn something new, and increase your perceived value to universities.

There are a ton of summer schools you can attend, and many cater to different needs and professions. Which one you choose will be dependent on your personal preferences.

If you need further assistance with summer schools or are in need of short-term accommodation for this summer, get in touch now.

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