The 10 Best Law Universities in London

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Are you passionate about justice and societal change? A career in law might be your ideal path. London, being the hub of the British legal system, provides unparalleled opportunities for studying, training, and practising law. In this comprehensive guide, we delve into why London is the ultimate destination for pursuing a law degree and highlight our top recommendations for law universities in London.

Why Study Law?

Law combines human interest with morality and analytical reasoning. A law degree is the first step towards a career in the legal sector, with many law students aspiring to become practising solicitors or barristers. Solicitors and barristers offer legal advice, but barristers also represent their clients in court in front of a judge and sometimes a jury, or at a tribunal.

A Law degree at a UK university will at first focus on the seven foundation subjects at the core of Law study, including contract, tort, criminal, equity, European Union, property and constitutional and administrative law.

Why Study law in London?

With the British legal centre located in central London, the capital’s universities offer insights and networking opportunities that are hard to find elsewhere.

Law universities in London work closely with a wide range of law firms in London and across the world to give you the best chance of finding relevant work placements and internships during your studies. With the Royal Courts of Justice, The Law Society, and numerous courts around the city, London’s universities regularly arrange networking events with the top law professionals in the country.

A law degree in London gets you on the right track to a successful and profitable career in law. Having a long tradition in justice that spans centuries, London universities score high in global rankings and are always found among the world’s top universities. Furthermore, their lecturers, tutors, and professors are internationally respected for their law research and professional experience.

The Best Law Universities in London

If you’re an ambitious student who is only aiming for the top, here are the best law schools in London:

University College London (UCL)

Described by the Sunday Times as “an intellectual powerhouse with a world-class reputation”, UCL is consistently positioned in the top ten universities in the UK and worldwide, currently number 3 in the UK. The Faculty of Laws is one of the best law schools in London, its research helps to shape the legal and judicial policy in the UK and across the globe. With its global reputation, leading team of academics, and highly practice-focused programs, UCL is a great University for Law.

King’s College London

King’s College London is globally recognised as one of the UK’s premier law schools and ranks among the best law schools in London for its outstanding reputation and academic excellence in teaching and research. Established in 1831, the Dickson Poon School of Law at King’s is one of the oldest law schools in England. The school offers the largest scholarship programme for law in Europe, with dozens of scholarships available every year to high-quality law students.

London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)

LSE is a specialist university and according to many national and international league tables, it frequently appears as one of the best universities. Its Department of Law is one of the largest in the university and has played a major role in policy debates and policymaking. The department has also educated lawyers and law teachers from around the world and is found among global leaders in legal teaching and research.

Queen Mary University of London

As one of the best law schools in London, the School of Law at Queen Mary is committed to offering you an outstanding knowledge foundation in a wide range of law disciplines. With around 26,000 students, the university is one of the biggest colleges at the University of London. The School of Law looks to give students the best possible start to their professional lives by providing students with a solid foundation both academically and via work experience.

SOAS, University of London

SOAS Law School claims itself as the leading higher education institution in comparative law and is Europe’s only higher education institution specialising in the study of Asia, Africa and the Near and Middle East. In addition, law degrees at SOAS aim to provide you with a certain level of expertise in a wide range of legal areas including regional, international, commercial and environmental law. SOAS is proud of having an amazing team of academics who are experienced advisers to governments, international organisations and NGOs and have professional experience as qualified lawyers and members of regulatory bodies.

London South Bank

London South Bank University is part of a thriving community in the heart of south London, they have experience in producing successful legal practitioners in the law. The Law study programs are highly flexible and practice-orientated, so that students learn from industry leaders, and gain practical experience. As well as these plus points, London South Bank also has strong links with private and public sectors so many students can gain invaluable insights through work placements.

Royal Holloway, University of London

Law at Royal Holloway, University of London teaches the basic principles of law as well as explores the impact of legal decisions on society and individuals. The subject is taught with practice in mind and an extensive alumni network will connect the subject with real-life practice for students. Royal Holloway Law graduates have gone on to varied careers, including solicitors, social work and research.

 London Metropolitan University

London Metropolitan University offers a comprehensive and diverse law course, which provides students with a solid foundation in legal principles. Additionally, it allows students to specialise in areas of interest so they can work towards their dream career. The courses are regularly updated to reflect the latest developments in law and practice.

University of West London 

This thriving university is an exciting choice for those wanting to learn and experience the world of law. Students can study overseas, attend field trips and sit in courtrooms.

University of West Minster 

Located in the heart of London, the University of Westminster offers students excellent access to major legal institutions. From prestigious law firms to courts for hands-on learning, this university provides a rich and comprehensive education.

Whichever Law university you choose in London, you can be sure you have access to a great experience. You can also view our full list of London universities to see what other universities offer. And to help navigate the city, check-out our guide the best way to travel around London.

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