10 Of The Best Food And Drink Spots In Whitechapel

27th September 2021 Shannan Humphrey London Life

Whitechapel, located near our City Post Graduate Accommodation, is one of London’s most vibrant and culturally diverse areas. It is a district in East London, famously known for the Jack the Ripper murders and their contemporary art exhibitions. There are a lot of things to do in Whitechapel, but the fun begins with their places to eat and drink.

They don’t call Whitechapel the jewel in the crown of ‘East London’s Nightlife’ for nothing. With traditional restaurants, multicultural street food and great nightlife, Whitechapel is foodie heaven. In this guide, we’ve listed the 10 best places to eat and drink in Whitechapel.

The 5 Best Restaurants in Whitechapel

We’ve split the top 10 in half, so first, let’s dive into the top 5 places to eat in Whitechapel:


Whitechapel is famous for its curry houses, like Tayyabs, which is undoubtedly one of the most beloved restaurants in Whitechapel on Fieldgate Street. This family-run Punjabi curry house has been running since 1972 and since then has been growing more and more popular. Sometimes, it can even be hard to get into; this is how much Whitechapel love a good curry! However, with the menu featuring many Indian classics and having a great atmosphere, it certainly is worth the wait. They also offer many classic veggie Indian meals, making this a great vegetarian restaurant in Whitechapel for plant lovers.

Sichuan Folk

East End Chinese restaurant, Sichuan Folk, is located on Hanbury Street. This is the best authentic Chinese restaurant in Whitechapel, with its selection of typical Sichuan menus, famous Sichuan Hotpot and lunch specials. Their food is not only strongly authentic but also good value for money. They offer a truly great experience with their hot and spicy Sichuan food. It also offers great veggie and vegan options, making it a great go-to vegan food place in Whitechapel. Many people who left reviews say Sichuan Folk is one of their favourites and the best Chinese they’ve had.

Needoo Grill

Authentic Punjabi Cuisine, Needoo Grill, is famous for its Indian curry as well as for its Whitechapel lamb chop. Competing with neighbours like Tayyabs, and Lahore Kebab House, it can be hard to choose which restaurant in Whitechapel does the best grill and lamb chops. Both places not only make great meat choices but are also great choices for vegetarian food in Whitechapel. However, the atmosphere at Needoo Grill pushes them to be the winner. With wall-mounted TVs around their restaurant showing both Bollywood and Lollywood music, it makes the meal memorable for you and your friends.

Two burgers with lettuce, cucumber, brioche buns and coleslaw and crisps.

Nora Cafe

For those who love to chat and eat, and want a spot with awesome vegetarian options, Nora Cafe has become a go-to in Whitechapel. With great reviews on Tripadvisor, and a reasonable price point, it’s a great spot for lunch or brunch that won’t break the bank. Plus, people rave about their Full English Breakfast, though there are also breakfast sets and continental choices for those looking for a lighter start to the day. Or, if people want a bigger bite, they offer burgers, omelettes and even some classic British meals like bangers & mash!

The Culpeper

Nothing can go wrong with good and traditional British pub food, with The Culpeper being one of the finest pubs in Whitechapel. This pub takes a classic approach to tradition. There is an upmarket bar downstairs and a stunning restaurant on the second floor, with parquet floors and ambient industrial lighting. Their menus and foods change seasonally and often, incorporating locally and home-grown food as much as possible. Plus, this restaurant also offers great vegan foods in Whitechapel so it’s suitable for everyone. But since their dinner menu changes often, double-check before going. They even have a rooftop garden, which is inspired by who the pub was named after, 17th Century herbalist Nicholas Culpeper, and where most of their produce is grown. For a classic spin on pub grub, The Culpeper pub in Whitechapel is the place to be.

The 5 Best Bars in Whitechapel

That is the best restaurants in Whitechapel sorted! Now let’s cover what some of the top bars and pubs in Whitechapel are:

Discount Suit Company

With a real speakeasy feel, Discount Suit Company is a cocktail bar in Whitechapel tucked away in a former suit tailor’s storeroom on the edge of Petticoat Lane. With dimmed lights, wooden floorboards, mismatched furniture, and an overall vintage style, you will feel like you’ve been transported to the past. To add to their vintage feel, you’ll be sipping on classically inspired cocktails and listening to Northern Soul and Vintage Rock n Roll. Be warned, however; this speakeasy is the Whitechapel’s worst-kept secret and fills up fast!

The Oliver Conquest

For gin lovers, The Oliver’s Conquest Whitechapel bar has a remarkable growing collection of over 300 local, global, and unique varieties of gins. For a fun night embark on their experiences including tastings, gin masterclasses, and talks about their ‘Gin of the Month’. Among gin, they also have a wide range of cocktails and London’s stable craft beers. With great food and great drinks, this bar in Whitechapel is perfect for a night out with your friends.

A bartender fills a glass pint mug with beer at the counter.

Apples & Pears

An independent, fun cocktail bar in Whitechapel located off Brick Lane, Apples & Pears is tucked away behind a graffiti-covered shutter, but inside is everything you would expect from a London cocktail bar. With modern art, neon lights, live events and music ranging from soul, funk, old-school hip-hop and 80s/90s party classics. And to match their style, they have a wide range of cocktails including the Picnic In Manhattan and the French Connection.

The Ten Bells

Famously called ‘The Jack the Ripper’, The Ten Bells pub is located at the corner of Commercial Street in the East End of London. This Whitechapel pub is noted for its supposed link to two of the Jack the Ripper victims. And if a gruesome murder isn’t enough, The Ten Bells is said to be haunted as there have been numerous sightings of an old Victorian-styled man who walks the halls. Outside of the history, this pub in Whitechapel carries a great London staple feel. Here you will find craft beers including Camden Hells and Camden Pale Ale. There’s also an extensive list of wines, cocktails, ale, great pub grub, live music, and quiz nights.

The Blind Beggar

The Blind Beggar is a historic Whitechapel pub located right on Whitechapel Road. Built in 1894 on the site of an Inn established before 1654, the pub has a rich history, a gangster murder by locals Ronnie and Reggie Kray in 1966, the founding of the Salvation Army, and the birth of brown ale. With an impressive outdoor area in London, great ale, and even The Krays Gangster Tour, it’s no wonder why this classic pub in Whitechapel is on the list for a great night.

The bars and restaurants in Whitechapel have something for everyone. The area has a wide mix of places, from old traditional pubs to modern and classic eateries. You’ll find something for whatever mood you’re in! The above are just our favourite places to eat and drink in Whitechapel, but there’s plenty more to be discovered! If you feel like exploring close by Whitechapel, there are a few more great places to eat in Aldgate which boasts many vegan and vegetarian options, as well as our favourite bars and pubs in Aldgate.

Shannan Humphrey

Shannan Humphrey

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