The Best Places to Live in London as a Student

29th January 2024 Matthew Fox London Life, News and Events

The bustling capital of England is home to over 9 million residents, divided within 32 boroughs across the city. Every year, more and more people choose to make London their home, with students making up a large percentage of that population. There are currently over 400,000 students living in London, all studying at one of the 40 institutes across the capital.

Knowing the best place to live in London is a big choice for students, and there are lots to consider. According to The Student Room, students should consider their most important preferences before deciding which neighbourhood to live in. We have listed the best places to live in London based on student preferences to help you find a new place to call home.

So, whether you have never been to London before or are seeking to live somewhere new in London, use our guide to help you make that decision.

Best places for good transport links

Travelling through London can be quite overwhelming, especially if you have never lived in a city before or are new to the UK. Understanding the London zones and all the different types of transport options you can take, but choosing a location makes it easy for you to travel to your lectures and get around to see all the best London offers.

Travelling through London can be slightly overwhelming, especially if you have never lived in a city. With many people and transport options, it can be quite challenging to make your way around the city. Students new to the city must learn about the London zones, the Underground and the bus routes.

But choosing a location that makes travelling to campus a massive helping hand when you first arrive in the big city.


Located across the Thames from Westminster, Vauxhall is a popular location for students who are keen to be in a central location. The benefit of living in Zone 1 is that it is well-connected. Vauxhall is located on the mainline, connecting you to all of London’s major railway stations. It is also on the Victoria tube line, connecting you to Brixton in South London to Walthamstow in North East London. There are 9 universities along this line, all of which can be reached within 30 minutes, but if you are feeling adventurous, you can catch the riverboat and travel along the Thames to your lectures.

If having good transport links is what you are looking for, check out our student accommodation in Vauxhall.


Best places for a student community

Whilst University is all about studying for your future, living in a community of students and making lifelong friends is just as important. Here are our picks for the best student-filled neighbourhoods in London.

Kings Cross

There are over 3,000 students living in the Kings Cross area. The student community is thriving after its redevelopment from an unused industrial site to a rejuvenated area with parks, shops, bars and restaurants. The Granary Square, Lewis Cubitt Park, and Gasholder Park are favourites amongst students. There are also plenty of study spots, including the British Library for those times when you need to knuckle down. There are plenty of events in Kings Cross, which always come with a joyful community atmosphere. Take a look at @sunny_in_london’s time in Kings Cross.

If you would like to live here, check out our student accommodation in Kings Cross.


With its central location, Bloomsbury is just a stone’s throw away from some of London’s best locations, including Mayfair, Marleybone, Covent Gardens and Soho; but just as importantly, Bloomsbury is well connected to some of London’s most established universities, with campuses within walking distance.

If you want to live in London’s most prominent student hub, take a look at our student accommodation in Victoria.


Best places for student safety

Moving to London can be an intimidating prospect, with so many people living across the city, crime rates can vary within each borough. Take a look at London in Real Life’s guide to the safest neighbourhoods in London for a deeper dive, but for now, we have identified the safest communities in London for students to live.


Richmond has the lowest crime rate across London, recording 60 crimes per 1,000 people, making it 37% lower than the rest of London. Being only 20 minutes from Waterloo station, making your way into the city centre isn’t too difficult.


A bit further along from Richmond is Kingston, another area which consistently records some of the city’s lowest levels of crime. This riverside town is full of bars and restaurants, and being outside the hustle and bustle makes it a great place to focus on studying.

Of course, the headlines don’t tell the whole story and most students live very safely; however, if you require some advice, look at our London safety guide.


Best places to be close to greenery and nature

Being in a major city, surrounded by skyscrapers filled with residents and businesses, finding a spot to relax and take in nature is an important consideration for many students. We have identified the best locations in London which can bring you back to nature in the middle of a bustling city.


With 60 parks within walking distance, including Hyde Park, Holland Park and of course, Kensington Memorial Park, this spot is perfect for students who enjoy strolling on scenic walking trails. It has also been named one of the cleanest boroughs in London.


Located on the River Thames, living in Battersea means you can access 200 acres of greenery. With floral gardens, water fountains and historic architecture, Battersea is a wonderful place to study, read or just take in the scenery. There is also lots of wildlife to discover, with the Battersea Park Zoo located right here.

If Battersea sounds like somewhere you would like to live, join the other students living at our Battersea accommodation.

Hampstead Heath

If you are not prepared to live within the city centre, then Hampstead Heath may be your place. With its 800 acres of greenery, woodlands and walking trails, Hampstead is the ideal spot for those looking to steer away from the hustle and bustle. There are plenty of spots to go running, have a picnic or read a book in Hampstead, and it is not too far from universities.


Best places for socialising and night life

London is the place to be if you are looking to make lots of new friends during your time at University, but some spots make going out and enjoying the city’s sights much easier.


Famous for its vibrant culture and music scene, Brixton is the place to be if you love to spend your nights dancing, meeting new people and having a ball. In Brixton, you will find plenty of bars, pubs and clubs, so there is something for everyone. The Brixton O2 Academy holds hundreds of live music annually, and the Brixton Market is always busy with unique stalls.

South Bank

If you love to socialise and go out, but don’t quite fancy being right in the middle of London’s night scene, then living in South Bank could be the place for you. South Bank provides easy access to places such as Shoreditch, Clapham, Hackney and Soho, which are full of venues to enjoy the city’s nightlife and day events.

Our Westminster student accommodation is located in South Bank, see what a an evening in South bank could look like for you.


The sunshine is sticking around for the weekend! ☀️ Head down to the Southbank and enjoy everything on offer. 5min from urbanest Westminster Bridge

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Best places for art and culture

London is a city full of creative minds, who often take to the streets to showcase their art. If you are moving to London for the first time, living in a location that is not afraid to showcase its culture can be a wonderful experience.


There are plenty of hidden gems to discover in Hoxton. The streets are filled with character and charm, with street art throughout the area, and a mixture of Victorian and Georgian architecture, this is one place students love to flock to. Take a look at Hoxton through the eyes of a student living at our student accommodation in Hoxton.


There are not many areas as bright and vibrant as Camden. This diverse location is a got scene for artisits and muscians, who all add character to the area. The Camden market is a great place to try new foods and shop at its quirky market stalls. There is never a dull moment living in Camden, which is why hundreds of students move here every year.

See our St Pancras student accommodation, just a 15 minute walk from Camden.


Best places for a central location

We have listed many great places to live as a student in London, but if you are looking for somewhere to enjoy all the best London has to offer, you may want to consider moving to the heart of the city. Our location in Tower Bridge and the city centre offers you it all, from easy transportation to campus to beautiful green spaces, and all the bars and restaurants you could ever need. See one of our residents as she takes you on a tour of being a student in London’s city centre.


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There you have it, all the very best places for students to live in London. If you would like to see more student accommodation options in London, check out all of Urbanest’s location hub for all of the rooms available to students seeking a place to live in London.

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