Making the Most of Your Time at University

13th September 2017 Joe Graham London Life, News and Events

University isn’t just about studying, and while that is obviously important, what you do outside of your course could be just as important as your academic studies. Your time at a university may be short, but the experiences and opportunities are vast. It can be really hard to harness all the potential opportunities which are on offer, so how can you maximise what you gain from your years at university?

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It’s extremely important to make the most of your time at university, not just because you will want to leave with a good degree, but because when you graduate and are looking for a job, employers will be looking for well-rounded people with a set of transferable skills.

No doubt you will have gained a lot of skills from your studies by the time your degree draws to an end, but it is important to get stuck in and make the most out of your student life as a whole.

Don’t Go Home Early

When you are a fresher, it’s all too easy to be tempted by family comforts and mum’s home cooked food. Your first term at university is your busiest and the one where everything changes the quickest. Going home can make you feel homesick so if you can, hold off on going home until Christmas to fully immerse yourself into university life.

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Join a Club

You will have realised from the freshers’ fairs this year that there are a huge number of clubs and societies to take part in. Whatever your hobby you are bound to find something that you can get involved with, whether it be football, drama or religion. If you don’t have a hobby then now is the perfect time to try something new as it offers the perfect opportunity to meet new people.

Stay Alert

With so much going on and off your course it’s easy to get distracted at university. Be sure to stay alert during your seminars and lectures to keep on top of your workload. Plus, it will make it easier coming up with ideas when it comes to writing up your assignments.

Budget Wisely

Keeping track of your money is one of the most important things about moving away from home. There is a lot of advice for students surrounding finances and budgeting and don’t despair if you’re overwhelmed with your finances at first as it will all fall into place when you get the hang of your new lifestyle. But, make sure you have some extra spending money for your first few weeks as there is always something that you will forget.

Have a Plan B

Before you leave for university, make sure you have a financial contingency plan. It may come as a shock, but the student maintenance loan is rarely generous enough to cover all your outgoings. Most students will find themselves needing to take out an overdraft or borrow money from the bank of mum and dad. Many banks offer interest-free overdrafts for students, but be sure to do your research before you dive in.

Learn to Cook

It might not hit you until you move away from home just how much you relied on mum to be fed. It would be useful for you to get some tips and easy recipes from your parents or grandparents before you leave for university. Not only will it save you money on takeaways but it will help you make friends too.

Making Friends

It’s okay that you don’t know anyone when you move to university. Remember that most people are in the same situation. University gives you more freedom, it exposes you to different things and more people so take advantage of everything that university has to offer, and you will soon find yourself surrounded by new friends.

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Joe Graham

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