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If you’re about to start university, you’ll no doubt be excited for fresher’s week in London. From late-night parties to incredible freshers’ fairs, London freshers have a huge catalogue to choose from for their first couple weeks at uni. And while you’re probably thinking mostly about raves and drunken discussions with your new flatmates, there’s more to consider. We’ve put together a guide of how to make the most of freshers in London, from the best nightlife spots to more practical advice such as how to get to know the local area, sign up to societies, and most importantly, make friends!

Best Nightlife for London Freshers Week

Let’s start with the big one. The one you’re most excited about – the nightlife. Freshers week in London is second to none in the UK when it comes to night-time events. Nearly all bars and clubs will be vying for your attention, trying to grab your custom and hoping they’ll become your go-to spot for the years ahead.

With such a vast array of choice, it’s easy to go wrong and end up in a bar with ten locals while thousands are ‘round the corner getting to know each other over a house-beat and a jagerbomb. Want to make sure you’re not missing out? Here are our top 5 events to check out as a London fresher once the sun has set.

1. The Camden Pub Crawl

Whether you’re new to the city or already know what it’s all about, the Camden Pub Crawl is a rite of passage. Even though it happens every month, it tops our list for London freshers because it gives you a chance to learn the area and meet people before friend groups are established. The crawl includes free entry to five bars and clubs, a free shot in each, dedicated photographers and drinks deals galore. But don’t think you have to drink – Camden is one of London’s hippest spots and it’s more than worth a sober visit too, especially while you have the opportunity to meet other students. If drinking alcohol isn’t your thing, check out our guide to the best bars in London for those who don’t drink.

2. EGG London Nightclub

Dubbed as one of the hottest clubs in London, this is not one to miss if you’re at all interested in forward-thinking music and a touch of debauchery. Expect one of the best sound systems in the capital and two floors packed to the rafters with freshers new to London. Evert year, there are several London freshers events at EGG. If you’re in the capital early on, EGG host the official London freshers moving in party, typically taking place at the beginning of September. If you’re arriving a little later, their array of freshers events are the perfect place to make new friends.

3. The Big Freshers Icebreaker

Held in the iconic Electric Brixton, the Big Freshers Icebreaker has been a staple of the London Freshers scene for the past 7 years. For the price of a ticket (around £13), you’ll be given an icebreaker wristband and a bingo ticket. On your wristband will be a set of dares and challenges to complete before the night ends and come 1am a prize will be given to the lucky fresher who has the right bingo ticket! You can also expect a midnight balloon drop, UV paint, back-flipping stilt walkers, circus processions, a top DJ and hype man and plenty more!

4. The Freshers Zoo at FABRIC

Don your finest jungle gear or animal outfit and head to London’s wildest zoo. Not the famous one in Regents Park, but the yearly one-night Freshers Zoo in FABRIC – another of London’s most well-established clubs. Typically kicking off during late September, this London freshers party rolls on ’til 3am. 1,800 students in fancy dress are expected to be two-stepping around the mega-club alongside animal inflatables, animal dancers and performers, and even face-painters if you’re not quite kitted out when you arrive. Across two rooms, expect the London sound of hip hop, grime, and trap, while the other room plays house, EDM, and commercial mash-ups.

5. Freshers Boat Party (Student Party of the Year)

As the capital is famous for the Thames, a fresher’s week in London wouldn’t be complete without a boat party along this famous stretch of water. Think stunning views while you’re dancing to RnB, Hip Hop, and Commercial Chart on the bottom deck, while the top deck will be spinning all things house, garage and dance. The yearly freshers highlight sets off at 8pm and cruises the waters ’til midnight, the Freshers Boat Party really is a London freshers event you’ll remember for the rest of your life. What’s more, you’ll get a free ticket to Tiger Tiger once you dock if carrying on the party is on your agenda.

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Freshers Fairs in London and Student Societies

London freshers’ week isn’t all about dancing and late nights. To make the most of your first couple of weeks in the capital, you’ll want to check out both your university freshers’ fairs and open fresher fairs too. The reason we recommend checking them out is you’ll find out about so many things happening for students in London you’d never have known about otherwise.

First, you’ll be able to find out about societies and groups that match up with your interests. Expect everything from Quidditch societies for Harry Potter fans, to Law societies for those who want to back up their degree with some extra-curricular activities amongst like-minded people.

Grab yourself some free merch!

One of the best parts of freshers fairs in London is the amount of free stuff you can get just by attending. Societies will often put together small gift bags to entice you. These can contain anything from branded pens and student planners to energy boosters, posters and stress balls. What’s more, there’ll likely be a range of local businesses trying to hook you into becoming a loyal customer. Don’t be surprised if Domino’s are there handing out free pizza and discount vouchers.

You can also expect bar and club reps to be dotted around the venue handing out mocktails and drinks vouchers for the year to come. Don’t discount how important these can be outside of London Freshers Week. They’ll help you save money all year! These will be key if your student loan runs out.

Best university societies to look out for at London Freshers Week

If you need a little inspiration for what to look out for in London Freshers Week, consider some of the following societies (A-Z):

  • Anime & Manga Society
  • Basketball Society
  • Craft Beer Society
  • Dance Music & DJ Society
  • Ethical Hackers Society
  • Friends of Medecins Sans Frontiers
  • Game Design Society
  • Harry Potter Society
  • International Students Society
  • Jazz Society
  • KPop Society
  • Labour Students Society
  • Mountaineering Society
  • Nursing Society
  • Omani Student Society
  • Photography Society
  • Quidditch Society
  • RuPaul’s Drag Race Society
  • Sober Society
  • Theatre Society
  • Unicorn Appreciation Society
  • Veterinary Society
  • Women’s Futsal Society
  • Xylophone Society
  • Zoological Society

Get To Know The Local Area

Finally, your London freshers week will go so much better if you spend some time getting to know your local area. First, you don’t want to finish one of those club nights and not know your way home. More to the point, it helps to know the nearest shops, doctor’s surgeries and other important amenities.

For a fun way to get to know your surroundings, consider renting some city bikes and go for a daytime bike ride with your new flatmates. This will help you all bond and give you a quick way of getting to know what’s around.

Hopefully, you’re now ready to rock freshers week in London! If you’re yet to find a place for the year, check out our range of luxury student accommodation in London.       

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Liam Porter

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