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16th August 2017 Leigh Horan London Life

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Living in the big smoke is an amazing opportunity for students. Not only are you right next door to some of the biggest cultural events in the country but you’re also in the best location for job opportunities. However, London can come with its downfalls, and one of the biggest of these is the lack of affordable supermarkets in the centre as well as high levels of pollution. Because of this, focusing on your health is incredibly important, and this includes putting the right fuel in your body. In honour of Organic September we’re taking a look at the best organic food delivery services in London so you can decide for yourself whether you’d favour this over your local takeaways.

What are organic food delivery services?

Organic food delivery services are exactly what they say on the tin; companies that aim to deliver you fresh, organic produce as regularly as you choose. They do this by sourcing the produce from local farms, then boxing it up and delivering it directly to you. There’s no in-between man and there’s definitely nothing artificial. The whole aim of companies like these is to provide the healthiest food, free from chemicals and great for your body.

The downfall with these boxes is that they can be quite expensive. However, if you were planning on buying organic produce from your local supermarket they still work out much cheaper. In fact, you’ll save about 20% more if you get organic food from a supplier rather than from the supermarket. Another great benefit of organic food delivery services is that it’s convenient and means you support your local farmers without going out of your way to do so.

Local Greens

Local Greens is a company perfectly made for Londoners. A not-for-profit organisation, this company is run by some veg enthusiasts based in Herne Hill and East Dulwich. It’s a weekly scheme and the workers source and deliver fresh produce only to local areas in South East London, meaning your food is locally grown and often delivered on the same day that it’s been picked.

The company only use seasonal veg from small organic or entirely spray-free farms, with sustainability being the aim of the game. The delivery days are on a Thursday and you can choose from four types of veg bags. Prices start at £7.50 and the fruit and veg that you receive is dependent on what’s available at the time (though you will have a general idea of what you’re going to receive).


This delivery scheme began when a man called Guy Watson began shipping vegetables to 30 of his friends in Devon. It’s now an award winning business, delivering around 47,000 boxes per week to homes across the country from a selection of UK farms. With a strong belief in good food, farming and taste, Riverford supply a range of different subscription types depending on what type of food it is that you require.

They have five regional farms throughout the UK, and are able to deliver widely across the country. As well as great fresh ingredients they also have an online deli that stocks such treats as chocolates, cheese and wine. All of these products are home grown and can also be delivered directly to your door. A small veg box begins at £10.95 and there are additional varying types of fruit and veg boxes to choose from.

Abel and Cole

Abel and Cole started delivering great organic produce over 25 years ago, able to tell a Granny Smith from a Golden Delicious with merely a glance. They’re proud to work with only the best organic and ethically sourced products from across the country, delivering boxes to a place of convenience at least once a week. To keep emissions down they may only deliver in your area once per week on a certain day; it’s worth checking to see if the day is suitable for you before you get too invested.

As well as fruit and veg they also supply fish and meat, so if you want to be able to fill your fridge for the whole week you should have no trouble at all with this service. Another bonus is that if you’re particular about your food you can customise your box, getting rid of any option you don’t like. A small veggie box starts at £13.25 and there are a range of different box types and sizes to choose from.

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So, do you think you’ll be tempted by organic food delivery services right to your student accommodation? You won’t know until you try!

Leigh Horan

Leigh Horan

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