The nearest gyms to urbanest Tower Bridge

22nd July 2015 Chris Clark Accommodation

This is a guest post by Anisha Panchal from West London, currently a resident at urbanest Tower Bridge student accommodation, London. She is in her 2nd year studying Dentistry at King’s College London, Guy’s Campus.

Interesting fact: “I’m a black belt in karate”.

“What I love most about London is it’s diversity and the abundance to do. As Samuel Johnson said, ‘When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life'”.

The nearest gyms to urbanest Tower Bridge

With summer around the corner many people are concerned with getting in to the best possible shape they can to look fabulous and feel confident in their swimsuits! For me, and plenty of other students, the gym is primarily a sanctuary of solitude and a place to get away from your books or general life stress and let off some steam. Exercise is proven to increase the release of feel-good endorphins and there’s no better way to do that than to pop down to your local gym, so here we have the breakdown of gyms around the Tower Hill area for all you fitness fanatics!


Fit4Less in Tower Hill is where you want to be joining! As a member myself, I find its convenience unrivalled and considering I use resistance machines and weights the most, this gym meets my expectations. Its duplex arrangement consists of cardio machines (treadmills, cross-trainers, rowing machines) on the ground floor and the free-weights and good quality machines in the basement. The changing rooms are clean and there are no charges for locker usage – just take along a padlock and get your sweat on. At £24.99 a month you have unlimited usage of their facilities – you can’t go wrong! In addition, there are spin classes and personal trainers to help you reach your fitness goals. A FREE guest pass can be purchased on their website so you can get a feel of the gym before joining, and why not take along a friend/gym partner?

Address: Fit4Less Tower Hill, 90 Mansell Street, London, E1 8AL

Virgin Active

Virgin Active Tower Hill is a high-end health club that offers the best facilities you can ask for. But what really makes this gym standout is its swimming pool! It’s very rare to find an adequate swimming pool in central London but you need not look much further than here. A £2.6m club upgrade is in progress here and it is sure to meet the luxury one would expect from such a well-established brand. The classes offered are of extreme variety and will guarantee your workouts are never mundane and boring. From Pilates to Grit Strength and Power Plate to Zumba there is something for everyone, whether you’re looking to increase cardio fitness, tone up or gain mass. After an intense workout why not try a yoga class or head down to the spa to relax the “mind, body and soul” in the sauna and steam. Physiotherapists are also on site to get you back in prime condition if you are unfortunate enough to sustain an injury – accidents happen after all! Membership here is more expensive but it’s expected considering the quality of the club and the services that come with it. Prices range from £50.50 – £101 per month and a joining fee may apply. Although it can be considered a large outlay, if you are committed to using the gym on a regular basis you money will be well invested.

Address: Ibex House, 1 Haydon Street, London, EC3N 1HP

Fitness First

This gym is practically across the road from the Tower Hill accommodation. It’s great for someone who often visit their home at the weekend because they are only open Monday-Friday (and what’s the point in paying for gym days when you’re not even there to use it?) Again, brilliant facilities, what it lacks in luxury it makes up for in weights and an abundance of equipment and machines. Additionally it has a spin-studio and a TRX section, which can be used to work multiple muscles groups. That relaxation necessary after a workout can also fulfilled in their sauna – a great way to escape the classic British cold weather too! Membership is flexible whereby one can choose from 1, 4 or 12-month contracts and the prices vary from £35 to £80 per month depending on whether you wish to go off-peak (a great option for university students with classes timetabled at peak hours) and whether you would like to use your membership at other “Fitness First” gyms. For example there is another gym as you walk towards Bank from the Tower Hill accommodation, on Fenchurch Street. This gym is larger and has more of an airy feel. Equipped with plasma screens you can distract yourself from the burn whilst running off that cake on the treadmill!

Address: 1 America Square, London, EC3N 2LB

Address: 106 Fenchurch Street, London, EC3M 5JE

37 Degrees

If you wish to venture across the bridge for a workout then 37 Degrees is a fantastic option. Located in the fashionable More London just across Tower Bridge, you can immerse yourself in to a riverside gym experience. The surroundings of the club are enough to motivate you to go the gym. Equipment and facilities here are of a high standard and they offer more interesting exercise methods such as “Freedom Wall Climbing” which is great for building you core for those abs whilst increasing your upper body strength. The amount of free space for various floor-work is phenomenal and this creates an environment where you don’t feel cramped and claustrophobic like a lot of other London gyms. There is also a 20m swimming pool in the gym and a spa that offers treatments in addition to the sauna and steam rooms! Why not treat yourself to a massage after sleepless nights trying to meet an assignment deadline? The two spacious studios are used for a variety of classes and you are sure to find something that suit your fitness abilities or maybe try something new. Classes aren’t just restricted to the studios, however; they also offer training sessions on the bank of the River Thames – talk about burning calories with a view! 37 Degrees does offer student rates so feel free to discuss those with them.

Address: 2b More London Riverside, London, SE1 2AP

Chris Clark

Chris Clark

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