Student Bedroom Inspiration: 12 Ways Decorate Your Uni Room

1st October 2021 Nat Took Accommodation Basics

Moving into new student accommodation? Perhaps it’s your second year in the same room and you fancy doing something a little different? Either way, student rooms don’t need to be boring. In fact, there are lots of ways you can decorate your uni room to add some personality — without breaking the rules that are set by your university halls.

Plus, with a range of big and small changes, you can update your university room to feel homely — whatever your budget, style and timeframe. So here are our favourite uni bedroom ideas that any student can do…

Bring in wall art

From photos of your friends and family to posters of your favourite band, adding some prints to your wall is a simple and effective way to show off your personality. Create a collage of memories or stick up some motivational quotes to inspire you. Just don’t forget to check the rules as you might need to use Blu Tack — instead of pins or sellotape — or risk being charged for damaged walls at the end of term.

Add fairy lights

Uni rooms are a blank canvas which means it can be difficult to create a cosy feeling. Adding some fairy lights around your bed and draped across walls is an affordable way to do it. You could even invest in lights that change colour — warm white is ideal for nights in, while multicoloured will make the best pre-drink setting. We’d go as far as to say these are uni room essentials.

Incorporate plants

House plants don’t just look great, they’re also proven to reduce stress, increase productivity, improve the air quality and boost creativity — all of which you’ll probably be needing after a few nights out. Coco Rose Interiors even said that “plants instantly attract the eye, calm the soul and bring a peacefulness to any room”. Don’t worry if you’re not naturally green-fingered as there are some plants that are super easy to look after including Monstera, Spider Plant, Hedgehog Aloe Vera and ZZ Plant.

Use wall hangings

Your university halls or landlord probably won’t allow you to paint your walls. But that doesn’t mean you can’t accessorise them and bring colour into your room. Wall hangings from your favourite holiday or something from home can help to personalise the space. A tapestry of fabrics is also a great way of refreshing the room. Other ideas include hanging a map or flag — just be sure to check the rules first.

Buy a statement lamp

Bedside lamps won’t only make your room feel cosy but they’re a fantastic way to add personality to your uni room decor. Choose from those inspired by animals, consider Moroccan style features to add colour or, for something really unique, a lava lamp.

Create your own bed canopy

Bed canopies will add the wow factor to your uni room and can create a peaceful space. They’re really easy to construct and don’t require too many skills. You will need a spare hula hoop though. Simply drape some sheer fabric over the hoop, secure it over your bed and say hello to your brand-new den.

Accessorise with cushions

If money is tight, you can still update your uni room with a selection of cushions. Charity shops and the high street are fantastic places to find unique and different fabrics that are super cheap — and if you’re feeling creative, you could make your own. Either way, scattering cushions on your bed is the easiest way to get different patterns and colours into the room.

Colourful bed with cushions

Add a rug

The flooring in your uni room probably isn’t going to win any awards but by adding a small rug you can make it feel a little comfier — and add some personality. Choose from luxury faux fur, natural cotton designs or, for something a little different, a bamboo rug.

Get patterned bedding

The bedding you choose can have a huge impact on the overall look and feel of your room. Change up the colour, pick different designs and alternate between fabrics including cotton and satin. Adding a matching throw can also make it feel like a luxury hotel. This is also an easy way to regular decorate your uni room a different way and give a new feel to your room.

Swap door handles

Not a fan of the door handles? Why not swap them for something you do like? Once again, charity shops usually stock a great range of handles but remember to put the original ones back on at the end of your tenancy.

Use a pinboard

Pinboards are a great way to display work assignments as well as photos, quotes and postcards — without damaging the wall. There’s a range of styles too, including traditional cork as well as contemporary metal ones. Coloured pins and clips will really make it stand out.

pinboard istudent decor

Get a doormat

Touches of your personality don’t have to be confined to your bedroom. A statement doormat that sits just outside will welcome visitors and add a breath of fresh air to your halls. You can even get mats that remind you to grab your keys or turn your straighteners off…

When you decorate your uni room it doesn’t have to cost a lot or take up huge amounts of time. Plus, you can still make a space your own without annoying your student halls or landlord. For more tips on how to decorate your student room, without losing your deposit, check out our guide here

Nat Took

Nat Took

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