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11th March 2020 Joe Graham Accommodation Basics, News and Events

While studio apartments offer an affordable accommodation solution for students and city-dwellers, fitting three living spaces into one can throw up interior design dilemmas. With limited space to play with, creating an open, clutter-free and inviting area is a challenge. Interior designers have mapped out the blueprint to tackle the small-space conundrum. But where to begin? From tips on studio flat design to modern small living room ideas, our guide will help you improve dorm room decor and turn your small space into a home.

1. Light Up The Room

Getting natural light into your living space can prove difficult thanks to tiny (and, in some cases, non-existent) windows. To spruce up a dark room, add sources of light throughout and illuminate your living space. Sconces are a clean and classy piece of interior design for small living rooms, while table lamps are an effective way to fill your apartment with light. Opting for a stunning bright colour on the walls, such as a striking white, with a darker accent will add a further lick of vibrancy to your room.

2. Mirror, Mirror On The Wall

How do you make the most out of a studio apartment? By creating the illusion of space. Well-placed mirrors can freshen up a dingy, shoe-box room with heightened levels of light and some much-needed breathing space. The simple visual trick of a reflected room is an interior design cheat-code for creating space in a studio flat on a budget. Functional and stylish, mirrors can make your small apartment interior appear much more spacious to the human eye. When looking for interior design ideas for small flats, the versatility of mirrors makes them a must-have uni room accessory.

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3. Don’t Skimp On Storage

Clutter-control is crucial to keeping your living area fresh and welcoming. Why not opt for functional furniture with hidden storage when plotting how to decorate your student room. Built-in storage solutions and double-duty furniture are the best ways to optimise your living space while maintaining an airy feel. Use innovative small-space interior design to organise the clutter of everyday life without compromising on style. Ottomans, beds, TV stands, cabinets, you name it – modern furniture pieces with integrated storage functions are a sure-fire way to enhance small spaces for university students.


Small Space Interior Design


4. Put Your Floor To Use

The key to maximising space in a small house is simple. Treat all available space as an opportunity. As the largest area in your flat, why would you neglect the floor? Decoration ideas for a studio dorm room floor can range from rugs to lamps. There’s a wealth of great decorative floor options for a homely uni room. Consider colour schemes when adding ground decorations, and how they match the rest of the room. You can even add some stylish floor storage solutions.

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5. Explore Vertical Areas

With minimal room for manoeuvre, don’t miss out on overhead opportunities. Width is at a premium in a studio apartment, allowing you to target vertical space. A tall, open wardrobe makes for a great bedroom decoration with the added plus of additional storage, while a chic bookshelf is perfect for small living room interiors. Moderation is crucial with vertical design for small apartments. An over-indulgence can eat into your space and cause crowding. Add one or two tall decorations to your uni room for maximum results.

6. Split Up Your Living Space

Partitions are the best way to feel more at home in your studio apartment through creating extra rooms. Dividers are a go-to technique deployed by small room interior designers looking to transform studio apartments into comfortable multi-room living spaces. Available in a wide variety of styles, colours and materials, partitions can split your uni dorm up into segments, offering privacy without taking away additional space – a real winner for the student who wants to maximise their studio dorm.

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7. Make A Statement

There’s a tendency to play it safe when it comes to studio flat interior design. A well-placed feature piece can add some much-needed character to a small-sized uni dorm. From oversized decorative mirrors and attention-grabbing wall art to classy floor ornaments and vases, introducing a focal point to your living space which isn’t overly imposing will help to add a lively edge to your studio apartment.

Small Apartment Interior Design


8. Keep It Simple

It may seem obvious, but with such sparse space to operate within, avoid filling the room up with too many trinkets. Small apartment interior design is all about quality over quantity, and while there is a temptation to fill up every inch of space, decorating the room with a well-placed piece of furniture or two will breathe new life into your apartment. Simplicity is key to a stylish studio flat.

9. Not Creating Bed-Separation

A typical bugbear of studio flat occupants is having to sleep in the middle of the room. Small bedroom interior design techniques mean it doesn’t have to be this way. Improve the design of your dorm room (as well as your quality of sleep) by keeping your bed out of the open. Shifting your bed to a comfy corner of the apartment, before sectioning it off with a divider system for added privacy, splits the bed from the rest of the apartment while opening up fresh opportunities for studio flat decor in the newly-created space.

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10. Don’t Be A Wallflower

Common logic dictates that furniture has to hug the walls to maximise living area space in a studio apartment. Right? Well, not necessarily. Surrounding the main floor space with furniture runs the risk of suffocating the room, reducing the perceived available space significantly. Moving your sofa, chairs and room decorations away from the wall, however slightly, can make your student dorm feel larger and less crowded. Interior design tricks for studio apartments, such as these, are the best ways for students to maximise their living space on a budget.

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