7 Fun Facts of Uni Life All Students Can Relate To

20th February 2017 Joe Graham Accommodation Basics

They say university is the best three years of your life and while it is no doubt full of highs, you’ll be no stranger to the occasional inconvenience. Student problems can range from something small like discovering the expense of cheese, to full-scale arguments with flatmates. Either way you’ll experience at least one of these atrocious facts of uni life during your whirl wind time as a student.

1. You’ll have to learn to prioritise

They say in the triangle of student obligations, you can only choose two things. So out of uni work, a social life or an adequate amount of sleep, you’ll probably have to pick just two things. So don’t bite off more than you can chew and go easy on yourself. If a lecture is optional don’t force yourself to go, or say no to the pushy friend who is asking you to go on a night out again.

2. You will at some point endure a caffeine-fuelled all nighter

We’ve all been there. Convincing ourselves that we can start tomorrow and it’ll all be fine. But come the night before the deadline, procrastination is no longer possible and the panic sets in. Cue 5 energy drinks and bouts of self-hatred as you desperately search for a seat in the library.

3. There’ll always be one flatmate who doesn’t do their dishes

Whether it’s just the one culprit or the whole flat, there’s always someone who leaves their pots and pans in the sink ‘to soak’ for weeks on end. Your flat will soon form a carefully avoided washing up mountain that will swallow everything you own and you’ll have a very angry cleaner on your hands.

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4. You’ll never attend the societies you signed up for

Come freshers’ week, you’ll sign up for what feels like a million clubs and societies, whether for the free pens or for the allure of activities such as skydiving. But chances are you’ll only attend one or two during your uni life. Again because of the student triangle and your many obligations. So don’t be too hard on yourself for ignoring their many emails.

5. People will steal your milk

In every student flat across the nation, there is always a milk thief, or worse, a food thief. The culprit will usually strike when no one is around and no amount of passive-aggressive post-it notes will stop that. The only viable solution is to be the petty person who keeps their food in their room.

6. You will get home sick

Although uni is the best time of your life, after few late-night essays and microwavable meals, you’ll start to miss the luxuries of home. Such as home cooked food, your very own washing machine and some TLC from your folks. However, when you are at at home, you’ll just be counting down the days until you can get back to uni.

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7. You won’t get along with everyone

Last but not least, it’s important to remember that not everyone will be your best friend. But that’s okay, just try to respect people’s differences and avoid any unnecessary confrontation. Even if you think said person may be the milk thief. . .

Are there any more facts of uni life that we’ve missed? Let us know in the comments!

Joe Graham

Joe Graham

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