Going on to do a postgraduate degree is an exciting step in your academic career and urbanest is proud to support you while living in London. We understand that postgrads may not be looking for the same kind of student experience as Undergraduates. There are some great advantages to choosing urbanest for your postgraduate student accommodation that you’ll appreciate during this chapter in your life.

Can postgraduates live at urbanest?

Of course! Postgraduate students can live in urbanest and currently make up a high percentage of our residents at most locations. This means that whenever you choose to stay, there will be lots of other postgrads to get to know.

Why is urbanest good for postgrads?

At urbanest, we pride ourselves on providing high-quality student housing for all students. We have years of experience with student accommodation so we know what students are looking for and how postgraduates may have different needs and wants from their stay. Here are a few of the top reasons to pick urbanest as your postgraduate accommodation:

Managed Student Accommodation

Urbanest is privately run accommodation for students, which means that we take into consideration what students need and how that is different from regular working life. By choosing a student-specific accommodation rather than privately renting, you can take out a lot of the stress.

Although as a postgraduate, you’ll be studying full time and your course will be more demanding. This means you want to make life outside of university as simple as possible, especially if it means you can work less or not at all. With urbanest, all of your bills are included in the rental fees. This means no dealing with suppliers or monthly bills; everything is managed by our staff.

There is a team of staff on duty 24/7 at all of our urbanest accommodations for your peace of mind. Whether you need help with your internet, have a noise complaint, or just have general questions, we’re here to assist. There is no middleman or hard-to-reach landlord between solving your issues.

 Studio Apartments

Ideal for postgraduate living, we have a range of luxury studio flats available. These are spacious and completely private, so no shared areas or flatmates to deal with. Although shared flats can be great fun for first year, we know that mature students would often rather have their own space where they can unwind and relax. There are some house rules at urbanest, but you’ll still have plenty of independence and flexibility. We have a guide to the urbanest student accommodation rules, which will tell you everything you need to know.

If you are considering double occupancy, we offer this at urbanest Hoxton with no additional room charges.

Central London Locations

By choosing urbanest, you get to live in a stunning central London location close to many of the major London universities. This means no long commutes and expensive transport to travel in and out of the city, and more time to study and enjoy your surroundings!

For postgrads who have placements in the city, you will be in an enviable position that can help set you up for success after you have finished your studies.

Further Advice

If you’re looking to book a room at urbanest, you can use our availability checker to find the perfect room across all our locations. Alternatively, don’t hesitate to contact our team for further information about our rooms or life at urbanest. You can also book a viewing and come to see the accommodation in person.