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13th March 2017 Gemma Curtis Study

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Going to University is one of the biggest changes in your life. It signifies becoming an adult, moving into student accommodation and achieving your goals. You’ll also have to face challenges along the way. To help you with those hurdles, we’ve selected seven of the best websites you can use for advice.

1. Bright Knowledge

This website covers everything from student life to education and careers. It is particularly useful for students who have recently started their studies or are looking to apply. However, there are plenty of useful sections for current Undergrads including advice on work experience and study support.

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2. The Student Room

This is the largest online student community in the world with over 1.8 million members. The site allows you to discuss anything, and you can join or start a forum on whatever you like. This is a useful way of sharing and gaining information and experiences with like-minded people. There is also a resource section on student finance.

3. Unidays

Unidays is a unique discount site specifically for students. It’s completely free to join and could end up saving you serious money. Most of the big high street stores are on there with new clients being added regularly. You can also save money on your study essentials with discounts from Microsoft, Apple, Waterstones and Ryman, to name just a few.

4. Recipe Puppy

You get home from Uni, and you have a few random ingredients in the fridge and no idea what to do with them. We’ve all been there. Now there’s a website to save the day – Recipe Puppy! The website will generate recipes based on the ingredients you input. Make the most of your leftovers and get cooking!

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5. Money Saving Expert

This website is not specifically for students, but it will certainly help you out. Run by money expert Martin Lewis, there’s daily financial advice on every subject you can think of. Get tips on bank accounts, mobile phone contracts, transport costs, shopping and much more. Sign up to the email newsletter for regular offers and deals.

6. Save The Student

This is a fantastic resource to refer to during your entire time at university. They have guides on all the problematic things like sharing your space, jobs and careers, graduating and even sections for international students. It’s easy to navigate with interesting articles. As advice sites go, it’s one of the best.

7. Your University Website

One of the most helpful websites you can use to help with life at your University is their website. This will have all the most up to date practical information on exams, life in that city and will have a link to the student union website. This is also a great place to look for guidance, tips and keep up to date with social events.

Another important service your Uni will offer is student counselling. At times, things can get on top of you, and you should feel comfortable asking for help. Universities offer one to one sessions, group therapy and even the tools to help you help yourself. Make the most of this valuable asset if you need it.

Have we missed any sites that you couldn’t live without? Let us know in the comments!

Gemma Curtis

Gemma Curtis

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