7 Best Universities for Nursing in London

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Nursing is an extremely rewarding career that offers a diverse job role and lots of opportunities to learn. If you are considering becoming a nurse, then there are a lot of options for your educational journey! Here we explore the top-ranked universities for nursing, why London is such a great place to study, and what you need to consider over the next few years.

7 Top London Nursing Schools

These are the top 7 universities to study at in London, according to the Complete University Guide’s nursing league table. We’ll dig deeper into what each university has to offer to help you with your decision.

1. King’s College London (KCL)

In 2023, Nursing Times ranked KCL as the 2nd best institution for a nursing education in the world for the fifth year in a row. Consistently ranked as one of the top universities across the board, King’s College is a prestigious place to study and offers students a top-class education. Their nursing department is named after Florence Nightingale, who famously helped to revolutionise nursing with her training programmes at KCL. With a long history in the field, this is one of the best places to study for future nurses.

You can study four different nursing disciplines: adult nursing, mental health nursing, child & family nursing, and midwifery. All of these will give you a BSc, and you’ll graduate as a registered nurse or midwife.

Located across 5 campuses in central London, KCL is a great place to study to immerse yourself in city life. Find out more about the location and King’s College accommodation available with urbanest.

2. City, University of London

City was founded in 1852 and joined the University of London in 2016.  It now welcomes 20,000 students from over 150 countries globally. Ranked 2nd for nursing in London in 2022 and 2023, City is proving its commitment to academic excellence, making it a great place to study in the capital. Located in the City of London, near Clerkenwell and urbanest Hoxton, it’s convenient to live near and travel to.

You can study four different nursing disciplines: adult nursing, children’s nursing, mental health nursing, and midwifery (Bmid). They also offer an associate foundation course, which helps you get onto a nursing degree without the usual qualifications.

3. University of Greenwich

With enviable south London locations on the Thames and in leafy Eltham, the University of Greenwich is made up of beautiful historic buildings and cutting-edge teaching. The university has a student satisfaction rating of 80% for its nursing courses, which is pretty impressive!

Known for its specialisation, there is a wide range of nursing degrees, including foundation degrees, apprenticeship degrees, BScs in midwifery, adult nursing, child nursing, learning disabilities nursing, and specialist top-up degrees for qualified nurses. You can also do a Master’s degree in these disciplines as well.

4. Kingston University

In 2022, the Guardian ranked Kingston University as 2nd in London for nursing, and it boasts a 99% employment rate for its nursing graduates. Located in Kingston-Upon-Thames, in south London, it has a gorgeous campus set on the riverside in one of the calmer boroughs.

Kingston offers a foundation degree, adult nursing, children’s nursing, mental health nursing, and learning disabilities nursing as undergraduate degrees, as well as a range of pathways into midwifery.

5. University of West London

With a student satisfaction score of 82%, the University of West London has the highest rating out of the top nursing universities in London. In 1995, it acquired the Berkshire College of Midwifery and Nursing, and its nursing courses are still available at both the Ealing campus in London and the Reading campus in Berkshire.

As well as regular BScs in nursing disciplines, the University of West London offers dual registration MScis: adult and mental health nursing, children’s and mental health nursing, and learning disabilities and mental health nursing. There are also midwifery Bachelors and Master’s.

6. London South Bank University

London South Bank University (LSBU) is one of the oldest public universities in London, dating back to 1892. Located in Elephant and Castle close to urbanest Westminster Bridge and urbanest Battersea, LSBU has over 18,000 students, and its nursing graduates were the highest paid of modern London university grads in 2022.

Here you can study adult nursing (BSc), children’s nursing (BSc), and adult nursing or learning disabilities nursing with a foundation year. These will give you a BSc but require an extra year of study.

7. University of East London

Finally, the University of East London is another historic institution that offers a range of high-quality nursing degrees. Located in Stratford, the east London campus is in a lively area near Westfield shopping centre and the major train station linking to the central city and out towards Essex. With a student satisfaction score of 77%, it’s a strong choice for those interested in studying in London.

You can study adult nursing (BSc), midwifery (BSc), or do a foundation nursing degree.

Why Study Nursing in London?

The UK education system is globally renowned, with many London-based universities being ranked as some of the best in the world. By studying in London, you’ll get a top education that practically guarantees employment. London universities also have very strong links with their NHS Trusts, which means you’ll get access to a diverse range of placement options in different medical settings.

UK-educated nurses are also in high demand across the world – Wherever you choose to go, you’ll often be supported by the government to help you get working. Especially in places like Australia, New Zealand, and Canada.

What Careers Can You Get With A Nursing Degree?

A nursing degree will allow you to become a registered nurse in one of the main healthcare areas: adult, children’s, mental health, and learning disabilities. However, there are lots of other roles to consider:

  • District/community nurse
  • School nurse
  • Neonatal nurse
  • Prison nurse
  • Health visitor
  • Theatre nurse
  • Care home nurse
  • Paramedic nurse
  • Research
  • Teaching

Your nursing BSc puts you in a strong position for further education if you decide to specialise or want to try an adjacent medical career.

How To Choose The Best Uni

1. List Your Priorities

The most important thing is to choose the best university for you. Make a list of your priorities: do you have special accommodations, where you want to be located, what you want to study, if you’re interested in research, etc. These will help you narrow down your choices to make things easier.

2. Go To Open Days

If you can, attending open days is a fantastic way to get a feel for the university as well as the area that it’s in. Get wrapped up in day-to-day life when the students are going about their usual activities and see the university in action. It will also help you learn about the local transport links and what social life is like.

3. Talk To Current Nursing Students

One of the best ways to get insider knowledge about the different courses is to talk to students currently enrolled! Some may volunteer to help on open days, but you can also reach on social media or course forums – this may get you a more honest review of the daily life of a nursing student!

4. Look Into Course Specifics

Each course will be slightly different, and most universities will list the specifics, including modules, placements, and learning objectives. Go through these carefully to find any that stand out – you may be surprised by some of the unique offerings.

Get more advice on how to choose a university to help you understand what to look for when applying.

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