How to Get Involved with University Life While Boosting Your Studies

2nd October 2017 Joe Graham News and Events, Study

The student bubble can be a little hard to adjust to and it’s natural to worry about your time management. Too much time spent on your studies and your social life will dwindle. Likewise, too much time spent in your student rooms with your flatmates will lead to last-minute cramming the night before your deadlines. However, there are ways you can work on both at the same time. Getting involved with certain societies or events will boost your social circle and improve your studies, while not really feeling like work. We’ve made this list of 5 ways you can get involved with university life, while boosting your studies.

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Go to Talks

Chances are your university will often hold free talks or lectures from guest speakers, even if it’s just previous students who are sharing what they did next. These kind of events are very beneficial, not just for what you learn, but also for the networking opportunities. It gives you a chance to meet new people which could open doors for you in the future. For example, Urbanest Westminster Bridge are holding an event for students which features Sir Vince Cable! This not only aids your studies by hearing his informative views, but you can also socialise with similar people in your field.

get involved - student talk

Work on the Student Newspaper

Every university will have a newspaper run by and intended for students. Whether you’re a budding journalist or just want to add a few more strings to your bow, this will notably boost your career prospects and you’ll find it helps you when it comes to essay writing. Talk to a university careers advisor to see how you can get involved. Chances are you’ll need to send the editors a bit of written work but it’s an easy way to meet new people and even go on a few socials.

Join Subject-Based Societies

Whether you study Fine Art or Astrophysics,  there’s bound to be a society based on your subject. You may be getting bored of what you’re learning and spending more time talking about it is the last thing you’ll want to do. However, these societies are a good way of meeting fellow students in the same boat. You can discuss what you’re studying and rant about certain lecturers. It’s also an easy networking opportunity and could lead to a career in the future. The more people you know, the better. On top of that, the time spent discussing or working on your subject will only make you better come exam period.

get involved - art society

Join the Debating Society 

If you’re not a public speaker, this one may sound like your idea of hell. However, the more you practise something, the better you become at it. The debating society is a chance to boost your confidence and make new friends. Regardless of the subject you study, this society is beneficial because it teaches you transferable skills. For example, learning how to argue academically which can be applied to your essay writing or presentations. It also improves your preparation skills and team leadership, which are very helpful for your studies.

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Become a Student Representative

Last but not least on our list of getting involved while boosting your studies, is to become a student representative. This is the best way of getting your name around campus and making a lot of friends. Not only this, but it gives you major CV points as it shows you can accept responsibility and manage the welfare of others. No matter your forte, from event planning to student counselling, there will be a role on the student rep team that’s suited to you.

Can you think of any other beneficial ways to get involved with university? Let us know in the comments!

Joe Graham

Joe Graham

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